January 2, 2024

16 thoughts on “UMCC update list

  1. the shooting game to get the highest score is hard as you only have 21 targets to shoot from suggestion is make targets from 25-30

    1. this would probably fall under threesomes and/or orgy.
      well it is generally what I expected that means at least.

  2. ow do to the fact that you already have a fighting event in the game. maybe have an option bar to challenge friends to a duel and get a sex scene or money out of it.

    1. You mean the David one? I was actually consider taking that out. I don’t know. it is very buggy. and might be better replaced by the little sentinel battle style mini where you just need to be quick. It might be more beneficial to put HP bars instead of those little hearts. and have attack power and stuff. Maybe I can make it turn based like some little rpg battle.

      1. If it helps the finally get rid of the bug why not. Plus you already have a RPG type battle in the flash already. That being the Fight Club mini or the sentinel battle mini that you can use. I’m surprise you kept all 3 types of battle the original code that was imported from DoA the one use for David fight scene, the slap mini turn into boxing club and the sentinel battle.

        I know remove the old fight code from David replace it with the mini boxing club flash. All you need is to add the David layout out of it and set the right back ground. No explanation how to play. The only thing users will see is a button that you have to press when it flash. Well you know the boxing club mini use that.

        As far as replacing the David scene using the Sentinel battle code. Don’t bother using it, the David mini holds one purpose and it’s not as big of a reason the way you have it set for the Sentinel battle problem bug solve. LOL

        1. @justjoe2k
          yeah I meant replacing it with the boxing mini flash lol. to me the boxing flash verses are person and the one versus a sentinel is same thing. the only difference is you are fighting a sentinel instead of a person. it is basically the code thoguh. making it a rpg style fight would be good to additional content later. I wanted for a while to have Maiko needing to fight off certain “customers” and either took things too far or didn’t pay lol.

  3. also sins i am currently replaying the game, 2 suggestion and 1 bug.
    the first suggestion to add to the list is being able to meet the people at the train stop, in the walking trail, at school and if possible in the light forest and beach area as places where you can find people.
    the other one is allowing the boys to do the Yuri (technically it would just be having sex or just plain old foreplay) activity.
    the bug is quite simple, sometimes when you take off the hairpin it puts itself back on or wont go off even if your not wearing it.

    1. I can try to the station and the city. usually none would be at the beach except Joey, and no one would be in the forest except Dizzy.

      yeah I can boys doing those yuri actions. I also planned for custom characters to do it also.

      for the bug, I would need to know when this happens. when you sleep? when you walk into a certain area? I need more details.

  4. another one, this one is about debt.
    when in debt you get attacked by sentry or agents until you pay of the debt.

    1. heh, there is no real ‘rape event’ as you might be thinking. What I’m referring to is the scene with david when he surprise attacks Maiko. Some called it that and made a fuss about it. People wanted Maiko to be able to do something about it. so I made where you can report him.

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