TandA: Original Characters

this a repost from 2013



I would encourage any artist to create their own original character(s) and develop them. It can be a character in a comic/manga, a game, and animation short series, anything.
It will be very useful to you for building value and I will explain why in a future T&A.

1. When not making your own original characters, you inherit all the backstory and personality traits of the copyright popular character.

Any game, or other media made with a popular and/or copyright character is limited by the world and title/franchise they originally appear in. Your own creativity with how far you can take it with fiction is limited. You will find people telling you what a character would say or do in your own creation!

Summary points about using popular copyrighted content:

Limited room for creativity and development of the character.
you inherit lots of fans, including the crazy ones.
You can get hit with copyright violations.
You cannot legally generate income from it legally unless you have approval
People tend to tell you how or what some character would do in that situation
builds you no lasting value

Summary points about not using popular copyrighted content:

Tons of room for creativity and development of the character.
you won’t begin with a lot of fans for it.
You never have to worry about copyright violations.
You can legally generate income from it
People can help you develop your character(s) and projects and provide ideas.
builds you lasting value