TandA: Self Limitations

this a repost from 2013


1. Do not limit yourself based on something that you have seen in another game.

Just because something is “common” in other games of a certain genre, does not mean that that is the only way to do it; Think outside the box. For example a RPG game can be implemented many different ways. Say can a dress up game and jsut any otehr game has a variety of ways it can be implemented. Don’t limit yourself to something you see a lot in a genre. Be more creative!

2. The only limits you have when making stuff is the scope of your own mind the the hardware and software you are making the project on.

No genre such as “a hentai game” can be inherently limiting. Apply your own creativity to it to make it more than what you are used to seeing. a hentai game incorporate any other game elements, such as RPG, FPS, platform, puzzle, etc.
Limiting yourself based on your own perception about something is a bad idea. be sure to research other ways a particular genre has been done more creatively then what you may be used to seeing.

This also goes beyond games, I always try to encourage longer hentai animations because “normally” you only see short animations or loops. Making this within the constraints of other people stuff make your own work “regular” even it if is good. it could have been “great” or amazing bursting with creativity. but instead it is good just status quo. In you mind you should want to not make a good normal thing, but make a good creative thing. Something that is not only good, but also that is not common.