January 6, 2024

12 thoughts on “TandA: Sexualized Characters

  1. Actually Vortex00 there was a Japanese company trying to close all these mod of there female ninja characters. A company called Tecmo went after them put them to court over Dead or Alive 2 nude patch and other stuff of DOA. In the end Tecmo couldn’t stop them, they eliminate one site 2 more sites pop up. To the point it was to much to keep up with these sites.

    As I see for Tecmo they felt it will ruined the DOA girls image they felt like it was there children getting expose. Yeah Japanese company have that type of mind set.

    As a matter of fact on the PS1 era there was a Tom Raider site all about Lara Croft nude pictures and mod. Eidos went to take the site down. As a matter of fact Eidos was the first to use the court to take down a site. The site was called Nude Raider.

    1. Was it the whole company of just that one guy who created the girls? if it was just him then he falls into the same category as the people I am talking about heh. No damage is being done to the company, it is just a personal crusade. You have to be looking for that porn to find it. And as if those character were not porn bait to even begin with. DoA is a example of exactly what I am talking about. How do you make DoA beach volleyball and get mad when people do this? I forgot why get got fired too ? or got voted out of the company or something right ?

      Yeah I guess I am taking about modern times just based on what I have seen. But I don’t monitor gaming news heavily however it seems like if this happened recently people would talk about it.. do you have a recent example? within the past year or so?

      1. Dude these events are old very old I’m talking PS1, N64 and PS2, Gamecube, Xbox era. It’s probably gone do to it being very old. However Wikipedia is your best friend. The worse one is the Tecmo Drama… yep it happen there was a cover up. But it all starter by trying to take down modders or sending them to jail. Than later turning to a bigger shit storm.


        As for Tecmo is much worse they all acted like man child… I’M DEAD FUCKING SERIOUS It’s really fuck up man but here it is. They won in court in Japan. They tried the rest of the world but failed. It is not easy to find all of Tecmo’s drama do to the cover up damage control after the merger with Koei.

        Anyways it is not easy to find all of these court events around the globe. Do to Tecmo later damage control by rewriting wikipedia and any other trace of what took place. DAMAGE CONTROL because the consumers where piss off it ruined Tecmo’s image they where losing money. The consumers started to vote with there wallets not buying Tecmo product anymore. Or not as much as they use too. This is before the image was ruined because of Tomonobu Itagaki the father of DOA. He is the head developer of Team Ninja. There was a sexual harassment/RAPE type of court with him. He resign a new head leader of Team Ninja. Also the President of Tecmo broke his promise what he was going to pay Team Ninja. He too was remove as the head CEO of the company. Tecmo was in trouble so the combine with the company that makes dynasty warriors.


        If you read the comment he said Tecmo’s drama couldn’t get any worse. Trust me bro there was so many you can right it into a Bible. All this Drama in 1 year man. ROFL!
        Trust be dude the events of Tecmo’s Team Ninja down fall is one big ass drama. All started by trying to stop consumers from modding. It went from a shit storm to a Super Shit storm into a Hyper Omega Shitstorm. One problem to the next.

        Can’t find them all, but was able to find the court what happen to those poor modders in Japan. A good thing came out of this. Other 3rd parties decided to leave the consumers on the PC alone. After they witness consumers not buying Tecmo product for a year. Yeah the others stop with the horse shit.

        I’m telling you man Alphaomegasin bitches for nothing. All you have to do is vote with your wallet. Bringing companies into there knees is good for them. Ether they leave consumers alone or be nothing but history on a business that failed.

        Trust me your advice is right on the spot, these users are giving you more view to wonder who these characters are. However for Tecmo they acted all childish… #COLAPES LOL I wise those old sites where still around. To prove to you it happen but Tecmo started acting to the point taking down sites that talk bad about them. It was the biggest ass hurt I ever seen a company do. It was the most funniest shit. But it did piss off gamers. All I can give you is small hints of the tip of the ice. The user that said Tecmo Drama couldn’t get any worse. Is the only hint I can find that shows something big was going on.

        1. There is as lot of information here man nice job finding this stuff. This is the lesson that was learned and put into practice today and probably why you don’t stuff like this happening these days from companies these days.

          Yeah I don’t stuff like this happening anytime lately but you have shown it has happened a long time ago. Is good for this information to e here in the comments. Because it reenforces what I said in the video. it clearly it leads to a disaster, or it is a colossal waste of time. I guess they got a little bit of money from the cases. But in the end was not worth it and they certainly didn’t get rid of the porn.

          About buying with your wallets, It is hard to get gamers on the same page about what you buy and what not to buy. who is the authority on this? Who will decide what people will and wont buy for the good of all gamers? Plus there are some crazy people out there anyways that are not even mentally sane. Super fanboys. And everything time I see BBC going after somebody on deviantart I am like, wow these kinds of people really exist?.. lol.

          1. I found the old comment section of IGN. Where the gamers where piss off about it. Some defended Tecmo. But most where piss off at Tecmo.


            Just wanted to add this one. So that this topic proves your point what you was talking about. If others see this, this is what you don’t do. Hell a giant company like Tecmo learn the hard way. Hopefully you see this and don’t do the same mistake as these fools.

  2. Had a lot of flashbacks with this one. You are right man, if the characters are sexy from the start, why bother with porn being made of it to begin with? Its almost like it was reason for it to be like that, on some cases.
    And all this porn if free advertisement, even if its bad for your character or business, all you have to do is say you have nothing to do with it. And even that is going to attract attention to your product.
    Lots of people complaining about porn being made of their characters, but you can see from their fans that even them want it, but wont admit, because they know the creator doesnt like it. It is respect for him, after all. Still, its good to come clean with him. And even then, there are these examples you talked about, the guys who make themselves as innocent, but they now this sexualization works, but wont admit either. They try to look pure, but when they need money or something, its time to hit the sex button and start producing. Just be true to yourself man, just admit it…

    1. So Skullo remember when Tecmo had a heart attack over mods of the Sega Dreamcast game Dead or Alive 2 nude mod? Man Tecmo took so many gamers to court over this shit. The more Tecmo took action. The more fans did it, it went torrent in the end.

      All it did was made Dead or Alive more popular with hentai. If it wasn’t for that, Team Ninja wouldn’t have a strong following of the Ninja Gaiden Reboot Universe.

      1. Yeah, you are right man. And something i didnt mention above is, there are characters that i only discovered after seeing some random hentai somewhere, then i made my research and got the real deal, liked and follow till today. I cant find the problem here, where is it?
        The internet will fight over these kinda stuff, like this tecmo thing, there will be more and more and more websites with the mod, they cant stop it, its impossible, so save your energy to more productive stuff that wont make you lose money man, lol.
        I didnt care much about DoA before xtreme beach volleyball, after that i found hentais and then tried the game and started liking it by how it was supposed to be, by the fighting game. And I know how to differentiate hentai from the real characters, and even so, you can see that people who make hentai from these, are fans who understand the stories and motives for it to happen, and make good ones. How can you blame them?

        1. Yeah you can’t blame the,m, hell Ninja Gaiden is all about Ryu Hayabusa. Yet they find a way to put Ayane, Kasumi in there. For fan service. LOL

          Ryu is the ultimate ninja. He is the leader of his Hayabusa Clan. He master all the Ninpu/Ki elements. Mind you Kasumi and Ayane have one or 2. Ryu knows them all. However fans want to see Kasumi. LOL

          Dead or Alive is just a fighting base out of Ninja Gaiden Universe. About the DOA extreme beach volleyball. It only happen after the after effect of Dead or Alive 2 nude mod.

          Tecmo tried so hard, that they said fuck it. Let us make some money out of them. Creating that game where you buy different bikini for the girls. LOL

          For me Ninja Gaiden never needed the girls. However sex sells so there you go.

          1. @justjoe2k
            I like the girls, LOL
            Like you said, whenever works and makes money, its ok. They knew how to sort the problem out on their behalf and that was the smartest choice.

          2. @jccq89
            Yeah it’s kind of like Sega decided to put female Kunoichi/female ninja into Shinobi a Ninja already known by gamers. Like I said sex sells. LOL

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