September 9, 2023

5 thoughts on “TandA: Working on a team

  1. Buying a product because you see others buy it. OR trying to tell others to buy it. To the point you get ass hurt for that person not buying what you buying. BLACKB0ND have a name for them users he calls them a corporate slave. LOL

    The Rock says know your role. If you try to please everyone, than you’ll end up like Duke Nukem Forever or in your point of view UMCC. Ever finishing because you always will have a new idea pop in your head. It’s better to save your new ideas into a sequel or prequel whatever you decide to do next. It is what the big name developers do.

    1. yeah that is what I will have to do I tried to break stuff out of umcc to make it modular but it isn’t smooth. would probably take forever. So I started working back on the sequel but I will keep it in AS2 since I am more familiar with it. I will keep AS3 code for smaller stuff like the hentai scene editor. Well my goal is to get the new umcc fight system I did working the in a AS2 version. I am also going to redo the breast physics a little bit and the tablet. basically once i get one area done I am home free. I think next version will be more like aria in the sense that I will focus on each minigame more but it will be less of them. But they will have progression and not the be same thing/difficulty each time.

  2. Man, working as a team is complicated, it all depends of your pair, just like you exemplified. Too bad the contract didnt work, but it still made this tanda possible and all these reflections. It helped understand what can work for you as you work too, thats nice!
    I work as a video game store as a salesman, i get comissions from my work but i still have my own salary. We work in pair at the store, so there are people who all be satisfied with the normal paycheck at the end of the month, others will try to work hard to get a little more. I dont know exactly on which category i would fit, because there are days i am not in the mood to work and I admit I am not too good on those days, but I normally like the be the guy i would like to find when i go to a store, does that make sense? lol. But i work hard to make the costumer happy, even if he doesnt buy something at the time, or get to the store sayind “i am just checking things out, wont buy anything”, some say “oh, ok, and go sit again”, but i normally like to go and talk to the guy about new releases or his preferences, he will come back later and remember me, plus he wont go out saying the guys at my store suck, lol.
    Now, talking about please everyone, thats a fine line creators have to take care with. A recent example i was talking about with a guy these days, Suda51 games, his games are specific… they dont sell much, but his fanbase is loyal to him, because they love what he does and know what to expect. His games arent common, and most people wont like them, still he keeps doing his work as it is intended. Thats the thing, if you change to appeal to bigger audiences, you can change too much to the extent of not even you recognizing your own character… and these kinda fans who want changes or came from that, normally werent fans to the “true” meaning of the story (to the point of wanting to change), they can come and go fast. So its better to take care of people who like things you do, whatever path they take, because they like how you work.

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