January 3, 2024

13 thoughts on “Maiko cafe uniform

  1. It actually nice a making it it a colorful dress was the best idea. There is music that plays around at the cafe. Jeni’s mom telling Maiko to stop dancing get back to work. That would be funny.

    1. I’m not sure who all will be able to to work with Maiko in the cafe. I can’t see really everyone. Maybe Pattie, Leyah, and Jeni. Character Like Luma and Riley would make sense with the agent stuff. Savori would get mad from people perving on her. Jeni might also but she would be more used to it since it is her family restaurant. She she might have her gloves on ready to punch someone heh.

      1. Jeni kicking one of there asses for slappying her ass would be funny as well. LOL

        Also when the agents discover the sex business in the cafe will be more funny. Maiko shock that Jeni’s mom knows martial arts to better than her child. LOL

        As Jeni her mom and David make there escape. I think that can happen in some future flash. Like in spring or summer.

        1. some of that I could put in there now though. Such as sending Jeni to flirt with customers is probably a bad idea if you are trying to lvl up the cafe or get pleasure service clients. Would be interesting for a small quest for her. She punched something and broke it and Maiko is help her get money to fix it, or get a new something. but she has to help. Could be Kyle’s camera or something heh idk. When she comes to the cafe her mom is like no punching people! If it was only Pattie, Leyah and Jeni they could have different reasons to work at the cafe with Maiko. Instead of just joining because some stat is high enough.

          1. Well some might make money for there own needs. Having a big ass mess in the school makes it a better plot. Since Natan set this up, there in a wild goose chaise. Looking for students. The only thing students have done is skinny dip at the pool at night. And the last one using the place was David. So Jeni is piss at her bro. Telling him you gone fuck up! LOL David says I fucking swear I didn’t throw those condom at the floor. We had customers I didn’t allow them all over the school I fucking swear! Jeni: Well someone fuck it up for us ALL! AND YOU WAS THE LAST ONE USING THE POOL! WTF WHY TRASH THE SCHOOL HELL MIGHT AS WELL TAKE A SHIT IN THE CLASSROOMS WHILE YOU ADD IT!

  2. Very cute uniform 🙂 Once word gets out that Maiko is dancing like that in the cafe, I think that the cafĂ© would soon get record business. Maiko receives shitloads of tips. Everyone’s happy haha

    1. Thanks, the pic with her leaning forward I want to try to make into a game mechanic when flirting.
      for that dance it might be just a little dialogue scene that happens when some conditions are met. Maybe when she gets the cafe to lvl 3 or something.

    1. there should be a edge line there, but I’m not sure how to add it. I need to research it. Funny how the little things are the hardest to do/find.
      I know of a way to do it by moving verts, but I don’t think it is the way it should be done.

  3. I like black, but the colors fit to the theme, and they are more vibrant too, looks good on her as she dances.
    I like how her niples slip through the top, so many possibilities for flirting, lol.
    Really good how it turned out!
    I wish i could visit that cafe, heh.

    1. Yeah I was going to put that mechanic into the cafe minigame. But I think it is complex enough as it is. It is really hard to remember that stuff even from the brief interruptions that already exist once the cafe reaches lvl 4.

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