January 3, 2024

7 thoughts on “Maiko and Luma 3D boob comparison

  1. True Maiko’s bra bikini is just holding her tits. It’s not as big as Luma. Luma just have big ass fat tits. The bikini barely fits Luma. When you check it from the left or right of her. The bra bikini is pushing her tits up. Holding it, so you can notice how fat those tities are. LOL

    You can tell Luma have more legs and ass than Maiko too. Looks like you nail it making the bodies have different shape and size.

    1. Thanks, yeah I will want to remake Luma with that updated body. Gotta basically do all the editing again that I did with that version of Luma but should be fun at least. Also i could not get the clothes plugin to work. So any clothes will take me a while.

      1. Just make sure her tities do look bigger and fatter than Maiko’s. I think it adds a extra effect on how much Rack and stake she is than Maiko. LOL

  2. Shouldnt the middle Maiko have more tame boobs? Because the bikini is holding them from below, while the right Maiko should have the boobs from the middle one, because of the bikini type?

    1. It could depend on the length of the strap among other things I suppose. However I wasn’t overly concerned about bikini mechanics. In all cases it is modeled as if she had no bikini on at all because you can’t have separate rigging and physics for with and without a bikini top in mmd.

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