January 3, 2024

10 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Soldier Girl Action

  1. Wow if that really all it is than dlsite lost all credibility. Granted the animation looks sharp for basic. I feel like it is missing a lot of animation. When you kill the enemy there should be a animation of the enemy dead. Yes agree even you achieve more than this flash game. I mean a loop on the same stage over and over is just wrong. There game looks like it needs a level up system, a pause menu, Equip selection from head, upper body, Arms, hands, Lower Body, feet and etc to use a ring, necklace. The game could of use magic system along with it. And some puzzle in the game. So that it doesn’t feel repeating over and over. Double Dragon for the NES. Had all types of stages. Like I said in the past. Mortal Kombat Mythology Sub-Zero is the best way of showing different types of stages for a 2D beat em up. I’ll never understand why gamers think that game suck. When it was one hell of a made game. There was nothing no other beat em up like that game. Anyways I think this flash could use MKM: Sub-Zero engine for a better game to play.

    1. Yeah it feels like a alpha version of a flash game. Needs a lot more to be something released on a game store website. But I don’t think it was made in flash. so the weapons and characters I think they are just one image. So would be a lot of work to made different combinations of stuff. This would be like me putting the UMCH cafe stuff on dlsite by itself.

  2. “If you go into a forest, and there’s creatures in the forest. Not everything is going to be trying to come and rape you. That seems a bit unrealistic.” I laughed so hard right there. It was too good.

    1. Really nothing would be trying to rape you lol. In fact most things would probably run from you lol.

      But since there are things that do try in most scrolling hentai games, at least everything shouldn’t be.
      At some of the creatures should be like “oh shit someone is coming”

  3. Some nice flash games in this style on dlsite were Witch Girl and Shinobu Girl from KooooN Soft. They had proper generic beat em up gameplay and many more animations. I remember there was another circle using the same flash based engine, so they probably only made all the animations.

    I’ve been too much on dlsite for many years and this is not even close to the worst stuff I’ve seen there. If you want so see something really bad, check out a circle named “Erotan Seijin”. Everything about their releases already stinks so fishy, it sets off all alarm bells immediately. They advertize “animation movies” with really well drawn pictures of pretty girls, but for some reason with wildly alternating art styles. Oh, and there are no demo movies and no screenshots, except one picture of the featured girl. Curiosity one day got the best of me and I ended up with a video of still frames animated in after effects by a complete beginner. Basically wiggling of different illustrations, with some voice acting. And by wiggling I don’t mean the established morph animation that many circles use, but only bouncy stretching motions. The frustrating part was that all of the illustrations were really good and I would gladly get them as a CG set for half the price of the movie. Due to the alternating art styles I suspected that they use stolen CG, but reverse image search revealed nothing.

    That said, there are also the most incredibly high quality hentai animations you can imagine. Try circles like kate_sai, Megaromania, BraBusterSystem, Ironbell, Yabusame and Yuruchu for 2D anime and Sandwichworks, Nekoken, Ebimaru-do, Bishop, Seismic Xcharge, Anipolylife, Ivory Tower, Doll House, tJapan, Final Booster, @oz, Yoshino, marmalade star (those are always under “currently watched” on trollvids) and Tofu Soft for 3D animations. That was from quickly skimming through my dlsite folder, so I probably missed a lot. A few of those circles animate in higher than commercial quality and completely blew my mind in ways I never imagined.

    1. I googled Erotan Seijin and looked at the images and was trying to figure out wtf I was looking at. some pics wit ha bunch of penises around them ?
      Yeah those other artists you mentioned have some great animations. I have heard of some of them already. So far I just check out the games though. I should play some knowingly bad games heh. could be funny.

  4. Yeah, that sounds like the video I saw. And I forgot to mention the annoying dicks. They cover up so much of the girl’s body.

    Most games I have are just of the “click to have sex with the girl” variety.
    Of the more interactive kind, one incredibly bad, unfinished looking RPG was Darkness Heroes (RE112767) by eMotion. You play some badly modelled demon guy, defeat heroes in round based battles and take their girls captive. Some of eMotion’s less interactive games are pretty good though. E.g. Angel in the Onsen (RE098856) was really hot, although I replaced the wav files for the guy’s stupid annoying voice with silence.

    1. Ah I see. I looked up those games. yeah that “demon” models is pretty bad. even a normal guy colored purple would look better heh.
      I may try the trial version of those games to test them out.

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