January 3, 2024

4 thoughts on “small site updates

  1. I don’t blame you playing the Dragon Age series. This new one is what the second one should of been. I an’t wait to see what the mod community will do for this third game. I wise Bioware where like Bethesda that releases a map editor for Elder Scrolls and Fallout. God damn it these companies need to work with the mod community not vs the mod community.

    1. I don’t know the full story on the developers working with modding communities. But I can say that it can be a bit tricky if the game wasn’t designed to be modded during development. Realized that even with a more simple game like umcc during my time trying to add stuff to it.

      got some new stuff I will post later today

  2. I’m on a road trip atm. I have my laptop and will work on some flash minigames over the thanksgiving holiday. I had in mind to draw something but never got to it.

  3. got at least 3 more Vplays to upload today. they are finished but I need to upload them, they are uploading right now. might record two more today also.

    Got a few hentai arcade game to upload also.

    then I was going to work on a mmd H video.

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