January 3, 2024

4 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Pandemonium Slash Princess Sakura

  1. Another Legend of Zelda type but wait this have MMO elements into the game. LOL

    I notice there are are a lot of Zelda or Metroidvania type of hentai games out there. As soon as you went into the town I quickly said Unity 3D Engine. And yes your right those characters are in the store of Unity 3D. There is nothing wrong on taking short cuts to create your game. Don’t blame the user, because making one model can take all day. I think this game plays a lot better than Soldier Girl Action and RPG. Princess Sakura looks like it was giving more time to develop than a quick development of the other video you post today. The game can use a better hack and slash combo with a low slash and high slash, with a block button and avoid button. Would make it more action with a better combat system.

    I wonder if Unity3D ever going to bring there Unity3D Player to Android if they do. Boy would it be a big ass improvement for indie developers. I hope Unity3D does that move, someone needs to put the pressure on other Dev Tool companies out there.

    1. Yeah mostly all H games are zelda or metroidvania. Even if extremely well made it is still kind of “meh” because those game types are highly over saturated. Those are the most probably using a template or some game creation toolkit that has lots of tutorials available. Always good to see something different be it a 3d game or maybe a fighter or something.

      Yeah I’m not knocking getting stuff from the store. my crystal horror game uses everything from the unity asset store. I just remembered that particular female model of that woman even on this one phone game I had heh.

      In addition to the improvements you mentioned, my suggestions are for some of the enemies to be passive where they don’t all come trying to gang rape you. And the npcs. maybe you should have save them from getting raped before you can get their quest.

  2. Yay! Sakura! I played that some time ago! You can walk up almost every cliff in the game. And although you can’t walk up the town wall, you can glitch through it at corners. That way you never need the broken airship (I got stuck in there too). But although the game is so broken it’s fun in a weird way and I already cleared it 3 times (you keep your XP and items between restarts, so it can be cleared really fast later). I think the hottest sex motions were the ones with the red monster you fight on that observation platform later on.
    That doujin circle’s Haruhi movie was pretty well done too, though a little less clothing towards the end would have been nice. They have another game with pre-rendered sex scenes. I didn’t try it yet, but the girl looks amazing.

    1. yeah prerendered stuff usually looks pretty good. The problem I have with it when I use it in my own stuff is people tend to want to modify it in various ways and I can’t because it is prerendered heh

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