December 8, 2023

4 thoughts on “MMD: The Monster

  1. Love the water effect of this video. I see Annie and Donavik models. And at the end I see Zxia! OK Sixxe is covering Annie’s eyes from Zxia. I wonder if there is something Zxia doesn’t like about Annie. Or it could be she knows her and knows who her father is. LOL

    Because of the shadows I can’t tell how well these 3 models compare to the others. But it’s coming from you I take it as there very good or as near as the others.

    1. Yeah that plus Annie is still not judged. They are not really on good terms. But the same can be said for Sixxe. They need to find Gheist or they will have to deal with the Semitix.

      I found a fight motion that might be cool to make some interesting parings with. Might try it out later today or tomorrow.

      These are the same models form the other video with them in it, I haven’t changed anything just quite yet. But I need to.

  2. Interesting effects on this one. The rain and glowing amulet are quite striking, as well as the purple energy emanating from the dark skinned girl and her lifeless white-glowing eyes. Nice choice of music also, sets the mood.

    1. Thanks yeah to have her necklace having kind of a haunting type glow to it. I’ve had this certain fight scene in my head for a while now that uses these characters and few others. I guess I need to start animating it at some point.

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