September 4, 2023

4 thoughts on “MMD: Practice Videos

  1. Thanks for going ahead and posting these, your test videos are still very good. And more Zytra is always welcome, test or not. Nice forest location with the last video.

  2. Video 1 and 2 Alive.
    I see man them shadow and light effect are very tricky when dealing with multiple light and shadow. The second video you can see her completely but looks kind of off. If only you can manage to make the light effect going to her. Seen shade of light and shadow around her. Never mind sounds more complicated. Maybe she uses a hairpin or some bracelet that is shinning to make effect lights. I like the BG of the night light of the city.

    Video 3 Mr DJ.
    I found it very hard to find a problem with this animation. The only thing I see missing is the butt and leg muscle that suppose to bounce a little. Other than that I see no problem with the animation. The BG on this reminds me of Kingdom Hearts don’t know why. LOL

    Video 4 Trouble.
    I like how the BG with the sparkle effects work for this. Maybe some sun light effect at the camera, or lights coming out of the sky to the ground. Or some water drip coming out of the tree. This one can can in whatever direction do to do in having the forest more alive.

    These 3 video’s are looking coming out good. The big trouble from the 3 I’ll say it’s the city night lights. Which looks to be a pain in the ass. To get the right light and shadow effects.

    1. Yeah Alive is the hardest. I think the last night video I tried was with Luma in the panda hat.

      I suppose I see more flaws on MrDj because I went through a lot of frames slower than real time. So they were easier to see.

      Hmm yeah I never thought about trying that sweat/wet effect on the trees that’s interesting.

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