MMD: Practice Videos

all of these videos was just me messing around in mmd testing stuff out, but I decided to actually render them and post.

was trying out nhcl2 shader. but I don’t really like the shader much especially when used in a dark environment because it adds super dark brown lines on a model. went with pomtskin. Was just trying different angles with the camera.

Alive v2:
Alive 1 the shadows were too dark for my personal tastes so I took things out such as selfoverlay and many other things that cast hard super dark shadows. The first one doesn’t look bad, but i wanted to see how it would look lighter. I normally prioritize seem the model clearly over trying to hardcore make it match the environment and have super real shadows. I also modified the Kirakira effect (the sparkles) to be less like white circles in the first video and more like little tiny light sources.

Mr. DJ:
Was going for a simple look. This motion doesn’t fit this model (or any more updated model) because it doesn’t use the arm twist bones. so the arms twist around funny in places. I edited the animation slightly to remove the worst of it. But I didn’t bother with fixing it for the entire animation. it is 4 thousand frames. I also slightly edited zytras legs and butt here in the test but I can see I need to re-weight it a little bit. I’m not totally sure if I will or not.

Aside from the sparkle kirakira effect, I was mostly testing things I haven’t spent time trying to find out they work. such as the godray effect. I also found a recent fur effect for the grass. going to something relative simple here also. No crazy camrea stuff and a peaceful like setting trying to resemble the forest areas around the area where Annie is from.