a few updates

wanted to make a quick post about where I’m at on game stuff.

I wanted to finish the pattie hair before using pattie in umichan 3d so is done for the most part.

I purchased these things from the unity asset store:
RPG template stuff
simple networking project

right now specifically I’m working on using some of the scripts from the the top down rpg. you can see a demo here.

I’m trying to use some of these mechanics in the umichan3d game. Mainly the follow mechanic that hired mercenaries use to follow the player. I wanted a part where kyle, pattie, or riley can follow maiko around for certain quest(s).

I do already have a follow script that I used for the enemies in crystal horror but this one seems a lot better.

also from the simple networking project. It would be interesting to make some stuff that is multiplayer. but I might be better off learning how to do that from tutorials on youtube.

if you want take a look at the different demos below and if you have any idea how it can translate into a umichan, DoE or Aria type game in unity, post it here.
RPG starter kit
top down action RPG