September 19, 2023

3 thoughts on “a few updates

  1. The way I see it both Action RPG starter kit and top down RPG as a DoE or Aria game. I’ll imagine what I can see for these kits.

    Let me say that the Simple Networking Project can be experimented with that Ralamar Elements game you had in your mind. That was suppose to be a MMO.

    Top down RPG I can see using Ginger and Leaf being use for this, it can be the events of the Mage vs the demons they where battling long ago. Or you can use this engine for Crystal Hunter. Speaking of Crystal Hunter you never shown that prototype you had.

    The action RPG I see as a adventure game with Aria but it will also need a spaceship rail shooter to feel like a Star Fox when using your ship in space. Going into planets and exploring or exploring in a enemy or abandoning ships.

    Now as for the JLCK game a mix of both Top down RPG and the action RPG so that Ghiest have her party with her. Is the best way for JLCK in the future of your projects.

      1. Thanks, I was actually looking at the spaceship type game templates so I wont have to start from scratch, but didn’t see any good ones. yeah I was thinking more aria or Doe type stuff as you mentioned. The Ralamar game would be far off because I don’t have any of those 3d models I would need even started.

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