October 4, 2023

12 thoughts on “MMD: Crime and Punishment

  1. I see so tht is why is so basic. Well it does have lots animation in the bikini removal. Even the basic the quality of th video is high.

    1. I felt it better to just keep it simple for this video. I just wanted to let Leyah look cute and do her thing heh.

  2. ~ahem~


    After a 10 hour shift, this just made my night!

    Turned out great. She’s adorable, stripping pace was perfect – tease here, tease there. She wasn’t all out right away. Love it!

    Pigtailed – Glasses – Nekomimi Girl FTW!

  3. Two MMDs in one day? Unreal XD
    Do I even need to say that these are fucking great anymore? XD
    Anything with Leyah already gets my vote for being awesome, as she’s my favorite character XD
    I love the way that she flows from fluid to somewhat robotic dance movements almost seamlessly, and that dance right at the end with the music’s breakdown I really enjoyed. She seems so carefree and happy and that really reflects on her movements. It’s like before she was dancing as a performance and then suddenly she’s dancing for fun XD
    Also, I think you’ve improved on the loose clothing physics. Before it was mostly realistic but there was obviously an element of fan-service to it, but this seems to be less fan-service as much as it is just straight up science. Not that fan-service is a BAD thing, of course XD
    And once again the addition of exhaustion to the character right at the end adds a certain bit of depth to characters that sometimes mere facial expressions cant’ really convey.

    1. yeah people who make video get really into it where you can hear the character breathing and stuff and they start sweating.

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