how to make ARIA Custom Scenarios (2.2b)

As of version 2.1b, players have the ability to create customized scenarios for Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault (ARIA).
This is a guide on how to make them.


The basic flow through is as follows:
There is a dialogue scene before a space battle, then a space battle, then a dialogue scene after. There are several way to modify the scenario. even such that there is no space battle at all. there is also option to implement sex scenes in the scenario.

The scenes can be played by loading a scenario code. which is a series of 35 values used to define what happens in the scenario.

this is a example of a scenario code:
1000[A]2000[A]10[A]3[A]10[A]40[A]100000[A]20[A]13[A]20[A]20[A]2[A]1[A]50[A]2[A]10[A]4[A]1[A]3[A]6[A]8[A]10[A]1[A]1[A]4[A]Arielle: Jeo want’s us to capture all agents putting up a resistance.[A]Phia: No sweat sweetie. Who are we going to deal with first?[A]Arielle: Tiffany tracked Kim on radar. She is in the area so lets grab her first. Are you ready Phia ?[A]Phia: I’m always ready sweetie.[A]Kim: Stay away from me Phia![A]Phia: Aw sweetie, you just need to unwind a bit.[A]Kim: Mmm~ stop… please…[A]Kim: I’m.. I’m…[A]Phia: Now run along sweetie. We have work to do.[A]

the values are separated by a [A] and there need to be no spaces unless it is a dialogue line.
below is a guide the explains what each values is used for so you can build your own custom scenario(s).
keep in mind that the ARIA girls will use their own stats from the players current game state. Most of this is setting up the enemy units.

for explanations of each item, see the details below the list.

1. enemy target shoot base damage
2. enemy target shoot additional random damage modifier (plus 0 to X random amount)
3. enemy next action delay additional random modifier (plus 0 to X random amount)
4. enemy next action base delay time
5. enemy attack ship move speed
6. number of nodes in the space battle you will need to capture
7. enemy total starting number of units across all nodes
8. enemy laser damage per hit
9. enemy difficulty (1,2,3,10)
10. shield frequency (1 in X chance per second)
11. target shoot frequency
12. the enemy agent
13. the playable character
14. enemy Reinforcement ship unit amount per attack ship
15. the ally support character
16. ally laser damage
17. ally special ability frequency (1 in X chance per second)
18. space battle background (1-11)
19. sex type (1-3, 1=none)
20. sex start dialogue number
21. sex end dialogue number
22. custom scenario ends on this dialogue number (1-10)
23. dialogue scene background (1-3)
24. how the enemy displays during dialogue
25. space battle begins after this dialogue number (1-10)
26. dialogue string 1
27. dialogue string 2
28. dialogue string 3
29. dialogue string 4
30. dialogue string 5
31. dialogue string 6
32. dialogue string 7
33. dialogue string 8
34. dialogue string 9
35. dialogue string 10

1 & 2
the enemy ship has a ability to lock on to the main ARIA girl ship for a unavoidable direct burst of damage.
1 = the base damage amount of X.
2 = additional 0 to X amount of damage added to the base damage.

3 & 4
this is how often the enemy will send out a attack ship to either capture your node, or to reinforce the unit count in their node with the lowest unit count.
3 = additional 0 to X amount of time delay in seconds added to the base delay.
4 = base time delay in seconds.

5 – 11
5 = how fast the enemy attack ships travel across the play area.
6 = total number of nodes that will appear in this space battle.
7 = this is the total number of units to divide among all the nodes at the start of the battle.
8 = enemy laser damage
9 = A value of 1-4 determines enemy ship lasers shot per second, 10 or more shoots 8 lasers per second.
10 = the chance per second that the enemy will use the shield ability
11 = the chance per second that the enemy will use the target shoot ability

12 – 13
12 = the enemy agent will show up in the dialogue and you will battle against their ship in the space battle.
13 = the player character you will plays as during the space battle. also appears in the dialogue.
0 none
1 Tony
2 Kim
3 Roy
4 Sui-May
5 Remi
6 Amp
7 Luma
8 Yui
9 Cain
10 ????
11 blank / none
12 Riley
13 Lynn
14 Goo
15 blank / none
16 Arielle
17 Phia
18 TT
19 Bri
20 Jeo
21 Remi(use 5 instead)
22 Luma (use 7 instead)
23 Random Agent Female Shoot Pose
24 Random Agent Male Shoot Pose
25 Random Agent Female

the number of units in each attack ships carry that the enemy Reinforcement ship sends out.

15 = the npc ally that will assist the player character
16 = laser damage per laser shot
17 = the change the ally will use their ability (1 in X chance per second)

the space background
1 – 10 areas in ARIA
11 AREA 2 planet surface

19 = Sex scenes only show the genital area so they can cover most characters appearance.
1 none
2 Straight
3 Yuri
(to be added: futa, straight 2, Goo, Amp, straight 3, etc)
20 = the dialogue number the sex scene begins playing on.
21 = the dialogue scene the sex scene ends on (cum shot) on the next dialogue scene the characters will display again.

22 = The entire custom scenario ends on this dialogue number (1-10)
23 = dialogue scene background (1-3)
1 main ship lobby room
2 Area planet 2 surface
3 main ship containment room
24 = how the enemy displays during dialogue
0 the enemy never appears
1 the enemy appears on screen only after the space battle
2 the enemy appears both before and after the battle.

space battle begins after this dialogue number

the text for the dialogues, up to 10 (for now at least)