January 2, 2024

6 thoughts on “MMD: Dark Sea Adventure

  1. She looks great! Do the extra effects come with her model that you can turn on and off like a switch, or do you have to do that manually?

    1. Thanks~ The extra effects are manual. That glow effect is a combination of three different effects. I used to use a lot of effects in my older videos but I kind of toned it down a bit because apparently it is hard to fap to flashy effects. When I get around to making some YouTube friendly videos i’ll try a lot of cool effects like I used to.

      1. Yeah, those music notes with Luma’s team were kind of a barrage on the senses. Distracted from the main event. Do the manual effects include Maiko’s change in eye color?

        1. Yeah sometimes I take effects into consideration sometimes not so much. Depends on various things.

          Eye color change is something I built into the model so it can be turned on and off.

  2. Nice effect of glass in the beginning that is a new one from you. The BG looks nice where do you be finding these BG? Anyways the effect is nice with this video.

    1. Thanks there’s various skydomes that exist for MMD but they are simply .x skydomes that almost any 3D program can import. The entire stage itself is combining stuff together from different stages.

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