January 2, 2024

41 thoughts on “UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Cafe Socialize

  1. Cain back off geez! A girl needs to EAT something once in awhile. Do her parents have her on that diet? She doesn’t need that crap! She’s GORGEOUS! Her weight is just fine!

    So… Holly KNOWS her kids are fucking each other. Interesting. I guess as long as she doesn’t become a grandmother from it, she doesn’t need to care.

    1. Yeah her parents have her on the diet, bodyguarded, etc.

      I think the idea I’m rolling with for Jeni is she is unable to get pregnant.

        1. One of the things I like about Vortex’s games is that he has a well thought out backstory for even the most minor characters, that being said you may be focusing too much on a minor plot point of an incidental character.

          Jeni’s sterility has never even been hinted at prior to this topic. It’s a pretty heavy issue that could distract from the game, even though the game already includes rape and suicide. It might be best left to the player to infer the reason, be it her physical involvement in boxing or damage due to the sex club or just pure unfortunate genetics.

        2. yeah I will get to it in the story eventually. I prefer to reveal stuff in the game. Though sometimes for getting help with the script stuff it is necessary to reveal a bit early. The plan is to have scenes/quests that will reveal a lot of the characters more, Jeni and the way her family is included.

  2. Oh, another good ideas.

    ‘Holly’ is almost a ‘holy’ which means a contrast with her actual behavior so I like this choice.

    Whores… Whores everywhere. =)
    Really interesting that there is a mom that knows about her little girl’s partialities and even encourage this.
    Are there any girls who are sex addicts but hiding it?

        1. most of this dialogue so far is not even related to sex. I think just three of them are. I and I will still have it possible to beat the game with no sex at all. But at the end of the day this is a hentai game. So yes the setting is ideal for different sexual possibilities and situations to occur.

          1. Got it. Personally I guess, I’ll love any game you’ll make, so just keep doing what you doing. 😉

    1. Thanks, I’m trying to give more insight to some of the character’s daily life and things they do. Should be interesting for other mini games and areas also.

  3. How close do you think you are to finished? I am really hyped for this game, loved UMCC but always thought it lacked little minigames and side scrolling activities(Plus sex scenes. ;p)

    1. I won’t be until maybe early next year before I can have a solid idea about how close I am to finishing

      the cafe minigame is maybe 80% done.
      I sill need to do swimming, boxing, classroom, music, sentinel battle and bookstore.
      and none of that includes the dialogue for me the main story and quests.

      Not sure what you mean by side scrolling activities.

      it seems like by update 3 UMCC was jam packed with sex scenes. Too much even with random beach sex and stuff. even foot fetish stuff. all that can be seen in the hentai extract.

  4. Joiry- Hey you guys got room for a team in here?
    Maiko- Oh hey Joiry. Wow… you weren’t kidding about bringing the whole team with you…
    Joiry- Yeah, we’ve been killing it in practice lately, so coach is treating us to whatever dinner we want. So we came for the “special
    Maiko- Well I’m the only one on shift… So I don’t-
    Holly- She’ll be happy to serve everyone! Just follow her to the vip section, we’ll have some refreshments there shortly!
    Maiko- Eh?!

    Maiko- Oh hey Jinru, what brings you here?
    Jinru- Just wanted to grab some bacon and eggs before I head home.
    Maiko- You’re not interested in the special? It really is “special” and I’d be the one to bring it to you…
    Jinru- No thanks, breakfast is fine. And could you get some OJ too? I’ve gotten way too used to that synthesized crap.
    Maiko- Synthesized?
    Jinru- Uh… Yeah…. Y’know corporate stuff. It’s never as good as the real thing.

    1. good stuff! yeah if players ask themselves why isn’t Holly doing anything to help with the sex stuff. Then you pretty much have her personality correct heh.

      1. Thanks,

        Jeni- Hey Kyle, you here to look at our tits? Or to look at our tits?
        Kyle- Not anymore Jeni! I’m a changed man now! From now on I’m a dedicated ass man. Tits are a fleeting deliciousness but a nice ass is really where it’s at…
        Maiko- Oh hey Kyle, I didn’t know you were here.
        Kyle- HOLY! Maiko! Those melons are beyond real… I knew I’d have crisis of my new faith but so soon?!
        Maiko- What’s he talking about?
        Jeni- Don’t ask, it’s stupid.

        Roise- Excuse me Maiko, could I get the “special”?
        Maiko- Uh… maybe that’s more of a thing for guys…
        Roise- Is that against the rules Miss Holly?
        Holly- Of course not! You can take little Maiko here right in the back and have as much fun as you like.
        Roise- Fantastic! I hope you like being tied up Maiko, cause I’m going to make you scream…
        Maiko- Jeni please help…
        Jeni- Uh… Tsugo? The hell are you doing here? Zytra doesn’t work here, her sister does.
        Tsugo- While that angel isn’t here, I’m actually not here for romance! I’m here for the wonderful atmosphere… it gives my art… the PASSION, it really needs. Don’t you think so?
        Jeni- These are all pictures of Zytra sucking dicks… tiny dicks.
        Tsugo- Yes, for there’s no pain stronger than feeling inadequate as a man… but it can also bring greater reliefs and joys. When a beautiful woman accepts your inadequacies and even loves them as a part of you. Gently showering her love in the purest way a woman can…
        Jeni- Jesus so you’re so much worse than Kyle…

        1. Not sure on character specific kinks and interests so I’ve just been making some up based on what I think they may like or guessing. If it’s wrong I can change them to be more accurate to their actual interests.

          Maiko- Wow Leyah that’s a really nice tip.
          Leyah- I know but I’ll need a lot more if I’m going to make it to college!
          Maiko- You’re saving for college?
          Leyah- Yes, North Young Academia! Do you know why I’m going there?
          Maiko- Um, no why?
          Leyah- Because abbreviated it’s nya university!
          Maiko- (I didn’t think her act could run this deep!)
          David- So she was blowing me and I told her I was close and she was like “you’d better not cum in my mouth!” but I was like, fuck that! And held her mouth down while I came.
          Joiry- Nice! Eh… Jeni why are you staring?
          Jeni- Cause he’s talking about me! *Slaps David*
          David- Ow! What’s the deal?!
          Joiry- Dude… I can’t give you props for your sister…
          David- What? It totally counts! Come on back me up sis!
          Jeni- Fuck off!
          Maiko- Hey Mr. Tom, you’ve been showing up a lot lately haven’t you?
          Tom- Uh… yeah I’m not much of a cook.
          Maiko- Well you can always eat here with us!
          Tom- Yeah… uh… thanks.

          Also do you have any stuff in mind for characters like Joey and Amber? I don’t remember them having much plot significance in UMCC so I’m not really sure what their deals are.

          1. The first one will need editing, I want to grade level they are in to remain up to player interpretation. Also highschool and college in this universe are the same or blended into one school. This is also done to keep their age up to interpretation.

            Good stuff here also. Since the images are static probably cant have actions like slap. They would probably have to just say something like “don’t make me smack you”
            can probably just keep this part: Jeni- Cause he’s talking about me!
            and take out the very next David line and it works great

            Yeah I haven’t had a chance to elaborate on those characters more. Joey likes poetry, sewing and designing clothes, and to take nature photos and is even in photography club. She takes all the real photos for the school news magazine, yearbooks and stuff, while Kyle goes around too distracted snapping pics of breasts and panties. Joey is also some goth and mild feminist traits at times when it comes to sex. She disagrees morally with what the girls do in the cafe and believes it makes other people objectify her in same way. She doesn’t like Tsugo much because he describe her as a object and tries to win her over with money.

            For Amber I have added a lot to her character since UMCC, is shy, quiet and very studious as you many know already. Uses the “san” when referring to her peers like Umiya-san. She is in the student council as the secretary. helps grade papers with Alma, and helps investigate stuff with Riley. More recent additions are, she in inexperienced with sex but masturbates a lot with fantasy creature penis shaped dildos, but in her free time she likes writing and writes weird fantasy sex stories based loosely on the other students at the school. She also has a obsession with penises, not so much sexually, but penis worship. sniffing it, starting at it, stroking it etc. She secretly wants to have a penis and sometimes will ask males weird question about how it feels to have one. Because pattie somehow knows everyone’s business, she talks to pattie about penises also. She also takes interest in Remi who is in this game as the school nurse. Fun fact: she at one point going to be a trap character. But instead I gave her his penis worship trait. So she is extremely attracted do character with huge dicks like tom. and Chris flaccid is pretty long so it drives her crazy. She is type that will space out staring at a penis and have to be snapped out of it.

            I wrote a few examples below for both of them.

            Maiko: Hi Joey, what brings you here? Want to order some food?
            Joey: Maiko? This place makes all women look bad. Why are you wearing such slutty outfits!

            Maiko: Holly says I have to wear this…
            Joey: Well whatever. Kyle wanted me to tour this pace to get pictures for the school paper.

            Maiko: Uhh! You don’t want to tour here Joey! trust me!
            Joey: Oh? yeah I figured he was up to something perverted again.
            Joiry: Man that felt so good!
            Joey: Felt ? You are talking about food right?

            Joiry: Ha! just go take your little butterfly pictures girlie.
            Joey: pig.

            Pattie: Someone say pig? Oink!
            Leyah: Joey-nyan! Leyah is happy to see new faces!
            Joey: Leyah… your breasts are hanging right out. you don’t even care?

            Leyah: Oh! Leyah is sowry!
            Joey: I can probably modify your outfit so it wont fall off. I think I have my sewing kit on me.

            Leyah: Leyah likes it this way nya! It get customers super horny!
            Joey: … huh?
            Joey: Maiko.
            Maiko: Yeah?

            Joey: Tsugo keeps asking me to work here. what is going on here really?
            Maiko: Uh… Maybe he just wants to see you in a cute maid outfit?

            Joey: Yeah maybe.
            Amber: Oh.. these outfits are so lewd. So many ideas…
            Maiko: Amber are you okay?

            Amber: Oh? yes Umiya-san I’m fine. May I get a salad?
            Maiko: Sure.
            Amber: Hello Umiya-san, a salad please.
            Maiko: No problem Amber!

            Maiko: Oh what book is that?
            Amber: N- Nothing!

            Pattie: Is definitely is a super perverted book senpai.
            Amber: P- Pattie-san!
            Amber: Oh my! how big was it?
            Pattie: It is suuuper huge! And I sucked on it as hard as I could chu. I couldn’t even fit all of it in my mouth.

            Amber: Oh! It must have been amazing! I’m so jealous.
            Pattie: You should work here if you want to see it too chu.

            Tom: Haha you two young ladies look like you having fun with whatever you are talking about.
            Amber: M- Mr.Belvedere!
            Pattie: Chris came in here earlier looking for senpai and I grabbed his penis and rubbed it a lot. You are right chu.
            Amber: I knew it! I could tell from staring at it so much.

            Pattie: Hehe you just might be more perverted than me.
            Amber: No! That is too embarrassing to think about.
            Pattie: Ha ha! senpai is a elf with big tits and long penis!
            Amber: Pattie-san! Not so loud please! What do you think about it?

            Maiko: Hm? something you need Pattie?
            Pattie: Ha ha! senpai read this!

            Amber: Noo pattie-san!

          1. The Leyah one can be edited to saving for a car instead, or something similarly expensive. I’m not sure if technology advanced past cars in the lore yet since nobody has been seen driving but there’s probably something similar she can be saving up for.

            Maiko- Wow Leyah that’s a really nice tip!
            Leyah- I know but I’ll need a lot more if I’m going to afford to drive!
            Maiko- You’re saving for a car?
            Leyah- Yes, a brand new Nova Yorshien Altima! Do you know why I’m getting that one?
            Maiko- Um, no why?
            Leyah- Because abbreviated it’s the nya mobile!
            Maiko- (I didn’t think her act could run this deep!)
            The Jeni one can be shifted like this to avoid stage action stuff,

            David- So she was blowing me and I told her I was close and she was like “you’d better not cum in my mouth!” but I was like, fuck that! And held her mouth down while I came.
            Joiry- Nice! Eh… Jeni why are you staring?
            Jeni- Cause he’s talking about me! Asshole…
            David- What?! What’d I do?!
            Joiry- Dude… I can’t give you props for your sister…
            David- What? It totally counts! Come on back me up sis!
            Jeni- Fuck off!
            Joiry- Hey you alright bro? You’ve been acting pretty weird all day…
            David- I dunno man… you ever feel like you need to get your feelings out… like really talk about stuff thats bugging you?
            Joiry- Eh… no.
            David- Yeah me neither!
            Both- Hahahahahaha!
            Joiry- Average size? I’d guess around five inches… not a hundred percent sure I’m definitely bigger than that but that’s what I hear.
            Amber- Wow… is that hard or soft?
            Joiry- Hard, soft size doesn’t matter much. I knew I guy that was shafting his lady, when she pulled him out he had nothing to write home about. Then when he got in her mouth… Well, he didn’t fit for long.
            Amber- Ooo…
            Joiry- Then I was all like, “Hey bro where’d you hide all that?” And he was like “Bro I’m hiding it… right here!” and he stuffed it right into her mouth. It was hilarious you had to be there.
            Amber- I’ll say…
            Maiko- Kyle and Tsugo? I didn’t think I’d see you two together.
            Tsugo- We may not always see eye to eye. But as a fellow master of art I’m interested in his perspective of… his craft…
            Maiko- Huh? What’s he talking about Kyle?
            Kyle- Uh… he just wanted to know about camera stuff, lighting, angles, perspective, where to put focus. Just stuff like that.
            Maiko- Wow I’m impressed Kyle, I thought you just took dirty pictures. I didn’t know you took photography that seriously.
            Kyle- Don’t be too impressed… I do take it seriously but only to make sure I get the good stuff in frame…
            Amber- (Oh he’s looking so hard…)
            David- Hey Maiko give me hand here…
            Maiko- David! You can’t do that here!
            Amber- (I wonder what it tastes like…)
            David- Uh… too late for that Maiko… Uh! Ahhhhhhh!
            Amber- Augh! It’s everywhere!
            David- Sorry bout that babe… couldn’t keep it in any longer… ahhh
            Maiko- Hey Joey, don’t see you here often.
            Joey- Well of course you…
            Maiko- Joey? You just stopped there, something wrong?
            Joey- Maiko this hairpin… it’s so AVANT GARDE! You have to tell me where you found it!
            Maiko- I just… got it from a lady one day. Is it that unique?
            Joey- It’s magnificent! You must introduce me to this lady friend of yours, she has excellent taste.

            Might have mucked up the hairpin one, I heard somewhere UMCH is closer to a remake than a true sequel, so I kind of assumed that she wouldn’t know anything about it. Could be edited later to be about something else she’s wearing, like her shoes or something I guess.

            Also sorry I keep making Joiry and David ones, I love writing assholes way more than nice people so I just kind of made of bunch of those guys. If I can tomorrow I’ll try and get some more written for chars that aren’t them.

          2. UMCH is a bit of both a remake a and sequel all in one.
            Thanks most of these are pretty good, and I don’t mind a lot of David and Joiry stuff.

            not sure one the David and Amber one. Wanted to have the player only know about Maiko’s thoughts since she is the playable character. Also I’m not quite sure how I will do that action.

            Also I’m not sure the first Leyah one will work. I have a hard time seeing leyah saving up for anything expensive like that. The most expensive thing she might buy is video game or magical kitty stuff.

  5. 100 for each might be a little overkill, maybe not for the cafe but some of the others like boxing.

    Also, I know this is meant to be something that helps lower Maiko’s stress, but if there are 100 of them have you considered including a few that raise stress instead. Things along the lines of

    Leyah – Maiko, table 3 is ready to order and he tends to gropes alot.
    Maiko – Great.
    David – Maiko! Jeni’s with a customer and I have a boner.
    Maiko – I’m a little busy right now…

    David – NOW! Maiko.

    For regular ones

    Customer – Woah, this place is amazing. Everyone here looks gorgeous.
    Holly – Thank you! If this is your first time here perhaps I can interest you in our special menu.

    Customer – Is…Is this for real. These are-
    Holly – Yep. And I’m sure each love each item so much you’ll be ‘cumming’ again.
    Maiko – Pattie! Are you ok? You’re walking a little funny.
    Pattie – Yeah, it’s nothing. My last customer was just a little intense.

    Maiko – Why don’t you take a little break.
    Pattie – …Good idea senpai.
    Jeni – Really!! Is THAT the best you can do?
    Customer – S-Sorry!
    Kyle – Yo Maiko! Looking good! I need a favour.
    Jeni – Order from the menu like everyone else Kyle!

    Kyle – Not that kind of favour, yet. I want you to put this camera in the-
    Jeni – Finish that sentence and I break your legs Kyle!

    ….And the fanfiction practically writes itself.

    1. Thanks, some really good ideas here.
      yes I mentioned in my post that the dialogue “will likely de-stress Maiko” but not always. and 100 is definitely far from overkill in any of these once you fully understand the context/situation and know the characters fairly well. All you have to is chose pick characters to interact and and just like you said it practically writes itself.

  6. Amber one is understandable, I just wanted to try and get some info about her without her really speaking about it. Since she’s shy I figured she wouldn’t overtly talk about stuff like that to other people that often. This first new one is an example that uses her writing as an example, instead of direct inner monologue. Hope it fits better.

    As for the Leyah one, I was just trying to make the joke that she takes the cat stuff as serious as actual serious life things. But if the cat stuff is the only stuff she really takes that serious then it’s not going to work. I expect some to be duds and thanks for explaining the problem.

    Maiko: Huh who left a book here? Hmmm it look’s like Amber’s but I’m not sure, maybe there’s a name inside…
    Narration: He tears my uniform open, revealing my pure body for the first time.
    Porcelain Gold: Noooo don’t look!
    Critical Dark: Never! I could never leave such a delicious flat chest unlusted! In fact I think I’ll sate myself right now…
    Narration: Without another word he drops his pants on the floor, the belt jangling on the tile floor. There in the open air I now see not one but two purple monoliths of manhood erect and ready.
    Porcelain Gold: Huh… two? I’ve never seen one before and for my first time I have to see two?!
    Critical Dark: You’re going to do more than look Porcelain… now open that mouth of yours nice and wide…
    Maiko: …….I’ll just leave this here.

    Kyle: Smile Maiko!
    Maiko: Augh! Kyle! What are you taking pictures of?!
    Kyle: Huh? Nothing it’s just you in your uniform. I just don’t have a picture of you in this so I thought I’d take one.
    Maiko: Oh… I guess that’s O.K. Sorry, when you get all excited with pictures it’s usually something perverted, so I kind of assumed…
    Kyle: I understand, I’m usually a dick but a picture like this is fine right?
    Tsugo: Kyle I must say this is a fantastic view… truly a moment made to be captured!
    Kyle: (Shut up Tsugo!)
    Maiko: What are you talking about Tsugo?
    Tsugo: A young waitress, a torn skirt and room of lustful customers. Yet she doesn’t even know! Such a real moment! Such emotion!
    Maiko: Ah! Kyle!
    Kyle: It was going to be a flattering shot! Honest!

    David: Yo Bro! It’s Billy badass over here!
    Joiry: Hey yeah! Come over here I got something to say to you!
    Jinru: Huh? I’m in the middle of something; what do you even have to say to me?
    Joiry: Look you were pretty good back at class but you got lucky. Next time your going to be kissing canvas. Courtesy of me!
    Jinru: Sure, fine. Was that all? Good I need to be somewhere else now.
    David: What the hell?! Whose he think he is to walk off like that?!
    Joiry: I don’t know bro, he’s a weirdo for sure. Still he’s good… I’m going to need to work on my moves if I’m going to stomp him proper.

    Joey: Uh hey you’re Jinru right? You feeling alright?
    Jinru: Of course, never better.
    Joey: Oh cool, look you can hang with my friends and me if you want. It’s totally fine.
    Jinru: Huh? Like a date or something? I don’t have time for that kind of thing.
    Joey: No nothing like that, I just noticed you were always by yourself at school. You just looked so, lonely.
    Jinru: Oh you don’t need to concern yourself with that. I’m just a lonely kind of guy.

    Tsugo: Joey! Fear not, I the great Tsugo will remove this rapscallion from your presence!
    Joey: You really don’t need to… It’s fine…
    Joiry: Scallion?
    Tsugo: No! Not a vegetable! You’re a delinquent, a ruffian!
    Joiry: Ruff Ian? Deli whose?
    Tsugo: Ruffian! Delinquent! I’m saying you’re a thug!
    Joiry: Thuganom… Oh! I get you! I didn’t know you were a comedian blondie! That’s not half bad. You should work on the punchline though, took me a few tries to get it.
    Tsugo: Ugh… never mind.

  7. Some extras as requested in the updates
    Luma: Hey Maiko~ looking good. Is this how you meet all your boyfriends?
    Maiko: Luma!? Shut up it’s just a uniform.
    Kyle: Yeah Luma, besides you’re just jealous that you can’t pull that outfit off…
    Luma: WHAT THE FUCK, did you just say?! I’d look great in this crap! Way better than this slut!
    Kyle: Well I got one here, if you want to prove it…
    Luma: Fine! Give me that!
    Maiko: (I never thought Kyle’s perveiness could get her off my back… Maybe I should give him some more credit. Actually no I shouldn’t.)
    Maiko: Savori… uh I didn’t think this would be your kind of place.
    Savori: It isn’t really… I just don’t feel like eating at home today…
    Maiko: Sorry to hear that, but you can use my discount if that’ll cheer you up?
    Savori: Thanks Maiko…
    Maiko: Ehhhhh? The swim team? Why are you all here?
    Mika: As a reward for doing so well, I’m buying everyone lunch. Tom’s not the only generous coach…
    Luma: Hey nerd! Get me an omelette, chop-chop!
    Roise: Well if Maiko is here… I might get more than a snack…
    Maiko: (I’d almost prefer another gangbang to these two… almost)
    Tom: Hey… I’ve heard there’s some unsavory stuff going in here with my students.
    Holly: Hmmm… maybe. Why would you need to know about that?
    Tom: They’re my students! Of course I’d-
    Holly: Really? Cause those eyes aren’t those of someone who wants to shut me down. They look hopeful, like you were looking forward to what you’d find.
    Tom: What?! No I just…
    Holly: Shhhhhhh… You don’t need to say anything. Just leave your wallet here and you can go play with the girls in the back. That sound nice?
    Tom: Um… Ok…
    Maiko: (Ms. Holly is scary… I hope she can’t read me like that.)
    Maiko: Here’s your coffee Ms. Mika. You must really like the stuff to drink it everyday.
    Mika: It’s more than that Maiko, it’s invaluable. Here let me show you after, I pour the cream in…
    Maiko: …. Aren’t you going to stir-
    Mika: There it is! Did you see it Maiko?! It’s clear as a spring morning.
    Maiko: See what?
    Mika: F.K. In the coffee, I knew I could count on it. It never fails!
    Maiko: Yeah!… Sure, yeah that’s cool! ( I guess even Ms. Mika can be weird some times!)
    Holly: Huh! It’s you! You must be Alma!
    Alma: What? Uh yes I am but how would you know me?
    Holly: You’re the repressed one! The one that Maiko needed to deliver the-
    Alma: No! Not another word! What did you tell her Maiko!
    Maiko: I didn’t say anything! Honest!
    Holly: No she told me about how backed up you are. You should really head back and get loosened-
    Alma: No! I won’t do anything of the sort! I’m leaving right this second!
    Holly: Wait! Ah, she’s gone… did you think I was too strong?
    Maiko: Just a bit…

  8. Savori: Hey Maiko, can i have…
    Pattie: And then i took it all in and…
    Amber: Really? Wow!
    Savori: Aw, forget it, i’m out of here.
    Maiko: … that went well… NOT!


    Maiko: So, did you enjoy it?
    Lynn: Ah, that was amazing, all juicy and…
    Savori: Idon’twannknowidon’twannaknowIDON’TWANNAKNOW!

    Savori leaves the place at a run

    Lynn: I guess she doesn’t like burgers… [yes, she WAS talking about food]
    Maiko: *sweatdrops* Eer… yeah… let’s say it’s that… (aw man, poor Savori!)


    Joey: It was moving all around the place!
    Dizzy: How wonderful! How big was it?

    Savori runs away

    Dizzy: Maybe she was possessed? Anyway, how big was that butterfly? [what did you think they were talking about]

    Maiko bangs her head on the wall repeatedly.

    Dizzy: Oh no, Maiko-san is possessed too!
    Joey blikns: Er… what?

    1. Thanks for these, I will add them however they need to be edited. In the socialize component, characters can’t leave midway through the conversation. They can for quest stuff though. However the socialize it just a really basic function that doesn’t allow for complexity but allow for ease of use so many different dialogues can be made. Quest dialogue scenes are just a lot of socializes strung together so it allows me to optionally use a different set of character images for the next set of dialogue lines.

  9. Jeni: NO MEANS NO, IDIOT!
    David: Aww, come on, sis. Why not?
    Jeni: Because I wanna wait till later.
    David: Yeah right. You’re still limping, aren’t you?
    Joey: What are they arguing about?
    Maiko: Uuuh… I don’t know…

          1. It’s my understanding that there’s no love loss between Maiko and Luma. Despite her generally sweet attitude she would jump at an opportunity to show up or embarrass Luma. It’s actually kinda the whole premise of the game’s main quest.

  10. @Brigma

    You’re right about there not being any love between Maiko and Luma, Mako would do her best to humiliate Luma, true. She wouldn’t, however, do anything to traumatise Luma. It’s Luma i’m not so sure of, Not that i think she would be cruel or something… just that i don’t know what she could consider “harmless” yet humiliating. She’s pretty much a Cordelia-like character (BTVS, anyone?) She does act like a complete and utter bitch, and she may go to great lengths to humiliate people and show them she’s the best… she wouldn’t, however, resort to crippling or debilitating methods. That would be more the kind of Harmony (Vampire-style) or Catherine Madison (who did try to steal her own daughter’s body… for cheerleading!)

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