UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Cafe Socialize

I’m UMCH Maiko gains and loses stress in various dialogues, activities and sexual situations. In the minigames stress gain/loss is based on whether or not the player is successful in the minigame and how many tries it takes them to complete it.

While you are able to gain and lose stress right in the mingame itself if you reach a certain threshold Maiko will not enter the minigame anymore until her stress is lowered to below the threshold. So I am implementing ways for Maiko to lose stress outside of minigames. There are currently some global ways to reduce stress such as the first shower Maiko takes in a day will reduce stress and Maiko playing with her boobs might recover a small amount of stress during each new task/times block. Also keep in mind that Maiko sometimes will just wake up with high stress randomly that can be adhered to not sleeping well or various other reasons.

In the areas where minigames can begin, and potentially in certain other areas Maiko can “socialize” with people in the area. Inducing people that participate in the mini game and other students, etc. For example socializing in the cafe Maiko can listen in or participate in the conversation between the girls that work in the cafe, students that stop by, customers that come to the cafe and interactions with Jeni’s mom. For Jeni’s mom I have been leaning towards Holly so I think I will go with that for now. to socialize, it takes one block of time.

The socialize dialogue is intended to be short one to four dialogue blocks of conversation that not only will likely de-stress Maiko, but will also give insight into the characters more. What I’m calling a block is all the text that will fit on one dialogue window. The little paper thing.

Since it gives insight into the character it is important is some situations to make sure family relation or the characters nature is mentioned. You want to assume the reader has no knowledge of the characters. I want to have a like a 100 per minigame so any ideas are welcome, just post them in the comments.

a few examples for the cafe area are below: Pool, boxing and other minigame areas will be a in different post.

Leyah: Z-nyan!
Zytra: Hey little sis! You look super cute in your maid outfit.

Leyah: Hehe thanks! Leyah tries to be cute to attract the most perverted customers!!!
Zytra: Uh.. are you sure you want to say that out loud sis?

Jeni: Kyle! Buy something or get the fuck out of here pervert. Now!
Kyle: Whoa whoa Jeni take it easy. I just wanted a burger and a nice view.

Holly: Is this one of your friends from school honey? Anything you want is on the house!
Jeni: MOM!!!!

Kyle: Awesome! Thanks Mrs. Sentoryu!
Jeni: fuck my life…

Tsugo: Oh ho! There are a lot of beauties in here! but no one is as beautiful as-
Jeni: Will you please shut the fuck up and order something?

Holly: Jeni you have to be nice to our customers.
Tsugo: Oh my! what a Amazingly gorgeous woman! Are you sure Jeni is your daughter ?

Jeni: you are dead.
Maiko: Lynn!
Lynn: Hey Maiko! I’ll get a yummy burger!

Cain: Miss Lynn please remember your diet.
Lynn: Awww poo.

Lynn: (sigh) I’ll just get a water then.
Maiko: Geez… that’s it?

David: Yo Mom where is Jeni? I need to bust a good nut.
Holly: She is in the back with a client sweetie, don’t bother her right now.

David: Aw that fat ass gets all the fun.
Holly: He is our best customer. so maybe your friend Maiko can help you out instead?

David: yes “friend” how ’bout it?
Maiko: I uh… just remembered some orders I have to get in heh. see ya!

Maiko: Ms. Alma? Here to order something?
Alma: Teachers have to eat too Miss Umiya.

Maiko: Oh of course! Let me show you to a seat!
Zytra: What’s up Umi-chan! Have you seen Leyah anywhere?
Maiko: Yeah I thought I just saw her a minute ago.

Leyah: Leyah-nyan is here! Sowry for the wait!
Zytra: Hey sis. just wanted to check in on ya! Are you okay?

Leyah: Cute little Leyah-nyan is doing very okay thanks big sis!
Maiko: (Aw that’s so cute. I wish I had a sister.)
Lynn: I’ll get the delicious looking curry please!
Cain: Miss Lynn. your diet.

Lynn: Aww… I guess I’ll have a salad.
Cain: Miss Umiya, please leave out the bacon bits and only include one table spoon of dressing.

Maiko: Uh sure…
Maiko: (Lynn is smiling but seems so sad…)
Maiko: Lynn? where’s Cain?
Lynn: Shhhh!!!! (whispering) Maiko get me a burger NOW. PLEASE!

Maiko: Hehe. yes mam.
Lynn: Thanks I have to go before this place fills up with GemCo search parties.
Pattie: Senpai! your stalker is here chu.
Maiko: Hehe Kyle is probably everyone’s stalker.
Kyle: Damn Maiko! holy shit your tits are about to pop out! How does that even stay on?

Maiko: Geez I know. It’s so embarrassing how lewd my breasts looks in this.
Pattie: Look how much he is starting hehe. Such a dirty pervert. It actually makes me kinda wet…
Jeni: Fucking shit! Again!? Move COW-TITS! Why is everyone’s tits here so FUCKING HUGE!
Maiko: wow what was that about…

Holly: Please excuse my Daughter Maiko. I think deep down she really likes you a lot hehe.
Maiko: Not sure how you got that idea.

Holly: Mother’s intuition honey. you’ll see.
Maiko: Heya Chris?
Pattie: Chu?

Chris: Hey M- Maiko-chan
Pattie: Hehe look at that boner. It looks like Chris wants to pay you to get his dick wet!

Chris: I’m sorry I remembered I have to go! Bye!
Pattie: hehe senpai is all mine now chu!

Maiko: Pattie! that was mean! Bad piggy! Bad!
Pattie: Sorry senpai. I will suck him off the next time I see him.

(I think the above will fit on two blocks)