December 8, 2023

13 thoughts on “MMD: Shoujo Misui (Halloween)

  1. Great job with her clothes coming off! A lot of MMD creators just change transparency or make them suddenly disappear. You always make it look natural.

    1. Thanks, yeah there is a technique for creating clothing that can fall off. It is a bit tedious so I don’t have clothes falling completely off very often. plus the models are usually just in a bikini or something skimpy anyways so I don’t have the opportunity often. I might make a tutorial for how to do it later.

  2. Wow. Such great.
    This is probably your best MMD video.
    Splendid one.
    Also loved the outfit and the stritease element.

    1. Thanks hopefully this is will also serve to explain that my test videos intentionally have little effort invested in them.

  3. OMG the video is PERFECT! I love the witch custom on Zytra the BG match the colors the ending showing a hunted witch house is a perfect effect, congrats.

    1. Thanks glad you liked it, used a few things learned a while back but never really got a change to try out. so tried those things in this video heh.

  4. Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. My ONLY criticism is the fact that the song is a duet, and Zytra’s all by her lonesome. Unless she’s capable of sounding like two different people. Other than that, it’s perfect.

    And now I have a question. You may’ve just used the effect because it’s pretty, which it is, but usually you use that sparkly effect for when Maiko’s using Khalei. Does that mean Zyrta’s using Khalei as well? If she is, I’m guessing it’s in her necklace. Though I’m wondering why she hasn’t been drawn with that on yet. It’s ever-present in all of her MMD appearances.

    1. It isn’t far fetched to assume Zytra can sound like different people since she is a good singer in UMCC among many other things. Thanks yeah the sparkle effect used here is just for part of the halloween witch theme. Zytra’s accessories, are fairly recent in the grand scheme of things. It should be in umch.

    2. I believe it’s been previously stated that Zytra does not use Khalei at all. Later in the greater JLCK storyline she becomes a pop diva singer so it can reasonably assumed that any sparkles you see are special effects. This could also explain why she can sing a duet solo, though for some reason I find this harder to fathom than the sparkle thing.

      The JLCK Wiki is hopelessly outdated, but I think according to it Maiko/Luma/Riley are the only UMCC/UMCH girls who are Khalei users. Due to her involvement in ARIA and her dad’s GemCo affiliations, Lynn might also be a Khalei user but I’m not sure if this has been stated or not.

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