September 23, 2023

10 thoughts on “MMD: Fitness Room

  1. For a rush the models look great, so now they are working out in a gym? Zytra stop to take off her top and masturbate. The second video have Maiko running in the Bg. And there camel toes ha. The booty physics twerk got better. So I guess that is a achievement. Man I swear every MMD video you post there is a new area of BG that looks like from the flash. And perfect fits area for a Umichan 3D to visit.

    1. Yeah this was the cheerleaders working out. I guess Luma is too good to workout.
      nah I just haven’t made her yet heh.

      this was a fitness room inside the school I made. This was the first stage I made from parts. It is a edit from that art room from the savori video.

  2. Nice vids! great improvement on pants… Zytra just got horny watching Maiko or it’s her way to relax? 🙂 Sad not to see more Savori but still great work…

    1. That just her way of relaxing while she rests her stomach muscles. Might as well watch Maiko thoguh. Savori needs to be updated quite a bit, along with Leyah.

  3. Well, i liked both videos, and Zytra masturbating was a nice touch, too. Does it mean she’s gonna develop feelings for Maiko later on, or is it just her interest in anything sexy? I think it’s the latter.

    On another note, do you plan to ever make MMDs with Amber or Dizzy? if i remember correctly, i think they’re the only two you never used like that.

    1. yeah she just touches herself at times when relaxing. yeah I can make them eventually. it takes a long time to do mmd stuff, or it feels that way at least.

      1. Cool, i was wondering if it was because they’re the “smallests”, so to speak, but then again, Riley and the loli from Aria have their own MMDs so…

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