small updates for your eyeballs

Done with fallout 4 lol. not trying to 100% that shit or get multiple endings so I am go to go. I will just watch the other endings on youtube heh. One distraction down. But progress still moving forward through it.

Made some volume adjustments to the voices I hope I got them all, but I’m sure someone will point it out it me if I missed one of them or didn’t raise the sound level enough.
I need to make the walkthrough and FAQ since a ton of the game is changed. boring to do but extremely necessary. Will try to do that today.
Either that for finish the liens for that Goo pic. All those redraws I need to finish.. like for realz.

Annie is done just need to do Sixxe.
Also I’ve started making some of those first few scenes in UMCH. Kind of rewriting it, but it is more or less the same.
Will try to toss together the first few scenes in the game to day.
I still need to update the minigames with the new art and make the animations.