UMCH Socialize dialogue thoughts for Swim Socialize

Feel free to add socialize idea for the pool stuff here.
The scenes take place next to the pool. And the swim team members can be wet or not wet. Scenes take place to the pool using the BG below.
Other student can be present in a scene as seen in below examples.

Generally, Mika will block Male students from going around the Pool. Cain blocks people outright.
Leyah, Pattie and Roise, wouldn’t care much about boys seeing them at all, the other girls would, and would have varying levels of extremeness depending on the guy in question. Luam and Savori are hostile most of the time.

Girls swim team: (ie. not co’ed swimming)
(not all are present in the picture)
Zytra, Leyah, Luma, Roise, Maiko, Lynn, Savori, Pattie, Instructor Mika.


Savori: Maiko, go check behind the bushes on that side. I’ll do this side.
Maiko: What are we looking for?
Savori: Are you dumb!? Obviously we are looking for the pervert friend of yours!
Kyle: Ms. Mika I have a note from Alma she told me to bring you.
Mika: Oh~! Let’s see it then Mr. Samoshi
Kyle: Oh I must have dropped It around the pool somewhere. I’ll go look for it.
Mika: Hmm? okay, buuuut make it quick.
Savori: Nice try but you aren’t going anywhere Kyle!
Pattie: Hmm I’m surprised chu.
Luma: About ?
Pattie: I haven’t seem Kyle anywhere around here today.
Luma: He’s in the infirmary.
Pattie: Hehe, how would you know that?
Luma: Stop asking me so many questions!
Pattie: hehe.
Leyah: Nyaaaa! this water is freezing nya.
Zytra: Yeah we were going to warm the pool a bit first sis, how are you already wet?
Leyah: Leyah-nyan jumped right in and almost froze herself (sniff)
Zytra: Aww hehe. You have to check the water first Leyah.
Mika: Some reason you are here Mr. Samoshi?
Pattie: To spy on us, chu.
Kyle: What!? I just need to ask Maiko-chan a question!
Kyle: …
Maiko: Stop staring Kyle…
Mika: You can ask her later.
Cain: No.
Kyle: But!
Cain: No.
Kyle: I just-
Cain: You just need to just get the hell out of here!
Cain: I’m not letting any male students around the pool while Miss Lynn is swimming.
Kyle: You can block me, I’m a student!
Mika: He has the authority Kyle. You’ll have to come back later.
Joiry: Yo dude! Move! I need to talk to Luma real quick.
Cain: Not happening. Come back later.
Joiry: What’d you say!?
Cain: As long as Lynn is in the pool, run the show.
Joiry: What the hell dude?
Jinru: Joiry, take my advice and sit this one out.
Joiry: Yo Mika! Need to talk to Luma real quick.
Mika: Talk to her later Joiry, okay?
Joiry: Ms. I don’t care about tits. I see Luma’s all the time.
Mika: What you do in your free time is your business. What you do here is my business.
Mika: So you will have to come back later.
Luma: Why are you always around the pool Joiry! You’re almost as bad as that pervert Kyle.
Luma: At least you aren’t sneaking around.
Joiry: Yo babe I need some head.
Luma: Like… Ugh! This so why you boneheads aren’t allowed in here!
Luma: Get out of here before Mika’s see you. Come find me later.
Lynn: You’re getting better at this Maiko.
Maiko: You too Lynn.
Lynn: who me? Nah I’m terrible at swimming.
Maiko: Huh? You have one of the fastest times here!
Lynn: Most of the agents at the academy are really fast thoguh… way faster than any of us…
Cain: You still have a long way to go Miss Lynn.
Maiko: Geez! they must be really fast swimmers.
Luma: So why do you get to stand here Cain but other males can’t?
Cain: Sure you want to have this conversation Luma?
Luma: Eh… you’re right, probably not.
Cain: You’ve always had good decision making skills Luma.
Lynn: And still does!
Cain: Miss Lynn, your technique is off and causing you to loose 0.2 seconds on each lap. Don’t forget what I showed you yesterday.
Zytra: I noticed that too actually, if you angle your arm a bit different on each stroke you will speed some.
Lynn: Ok I’ll try it again. I just need a quick break… I’m exhausted heh.
Maiko: (Geez… hang in there Lynn!)
Luma: So why doesn’t Riley have to swim?
Cain: She is already faster than all of you.
Luma: What!? That has to be bullshit!
Cain: It isn’t.
Luma: Cain! Don’t fuck with me!
Cain: Luma, you and Miss Lynn have a lot of water drag from your breasts when swimming.
Cain: You need to train to overcome that. Riley doesn’t.
Luma: That’s why!? Because my boobs are big!?
Lynn: Even mine?
Cain: Even yours Miss Lynn.
Lynn: Aww poo…
Luma: Fuck that, having boobs isn’t a bad thing Lynn, we just have to work a little harder in this damn water.
Lynn: yeah…
Luma: Think you can beat me in a race Cain?
Cain: I’d smoke you.
Luma: Oh ho ho! Big talk!
Lynn: He’s really fast Luma!
Luma: Prove it!
Cain: If you can’t beat Phia you have no chance against me.
Luma: Ugh, now why’d did you have to go and bring up THAT little cunt.
Luma: Yo nerdlet wanna race?
Maiko: Mmm…my boobs hurt a bit…
Luma: Mine’s do too actually ha ha!
Luma: These swimsuits are the worst for support, fuck!
Pattie: Aww so cute chu~! best fwiends~!
Luma: Like, shut the fuck up Pattiecake. You wouldn’t understand.
Pattie: I will massage your boobs for you chu! I am a masseuse!
Maiko: Good idea Pattie!
Luma: Sure if it helps, you better not be just fucking with me.
Roise: Oh…Whoops.
Pattie: Sneaky Roise pushing people in the pool hehe.
Roise: Who me? I would never do something so childish.
Luma: ROISE! you are dead!
Roise: Hmm. That sounds like my cue to leave.
Pattie: you’re not going anywhere chu!
Maiko: Pattie! you got us both wet! That water was still cold.
Pattie: Sowwy senpai… yeah it is cold chu…
Zytra: Need some towels?
Tsugo: Hmm.. I see.. Not bad not bad at all.
Tsugo: But still, all the girls here seem to have ample cleavage.
Tsugo: I was looking something a bit tamer like my darling Joey’s sweet buttery rolls.
Tsugo: alas… I will need to procure a swimsuit for her and-
Luma: Dude what the FUCK are you talking about! Why are you here!? Get the fuck out of here!
Mika: Something you need Tsugo? If not, you you will need to leave.
Tsugo: I wanted to purchase a swimsuit.
Luma: You can’t buy a swimsuit here dumbass!
Pattie: I’ll sell you mine chu!
Luma: what the fuck!
Mika: Okay okay, settle down. Tsugo I will need to escort you out.
Maiko: Pattie why are you naked!?
Pattie: I sold some guy my swimsuit chu.
Maiko: What.. what? why?
Pattie: To help senpai with money.
Maiko: You didn’t have to do that Pattie…
Pattie: He was sniffing it down there too hehe.
Pattie: I also let him play with my boobs a bit for extra.
Maiko: Too much info Pattie!