small updates

Just wanted to post a small update.

trying to find a way to combine all the separate game files into one game file without flash breaking.

I haven’t forgot about the voting. I need to do that soon so I can get that info to pinoytoons.

Also my patreon will be converted into collecting payments upfront during the time of sign-ups when people fight sign up. This shouldn’t effect existing patrons.
I think I will have a few example posts that anyone can see, so people can get a example of stuff before signing up. Was wondering if people had any other ideas?

I am still working on the demo for alternate ARIA game. Arielle’s storyline is almost done. at that point it will be playable.
However I’m not sure how I feel about it because it is not a game I would typically make. so you guys can tell me after the little demo.

The problem I personally have with it is that you build up to unlocking all the sex scenes at the end. I personally like to have some sex scenes available at the start of the game and/or available as you unlock other scenes. Another issue is, although there are sex animations in the game. Some of the scenes are just static images kind if like a VN or something. I guess people like that. it’s just not my cup of tea. I tried to move and destroy the image a bit to make it kinda look animated but idk. we’ll see after finishing it.