Updates + life changing events ?


Some of you know I actually work a job but I will probably resign soon. It is becoming stressful because it eats my time, not as fun as doing my game projects (by far) and really time conflicts with making content, especially with three active projects. 8 hour chucks on the days gone for less pay than I am making on patreon is just too much. Also the amount from my job is still less after sending portions of my patreon to pinoytoons and ttrop. It’s not by much after that but it is still a bit more. Plus if I want to take a break for a day or two, it is the patreon that suffers for it and I end up becoming behind on my patreon obligations I set for myself. by resigning from my job I’d essentially be cutting my monthly income in half. But hopefully that is in exchange for more potential growth later on, imo I’d be okay with a nice comfort cushion even with just 200 more patrons or so (assuming at least $5 and legit people). It should be doable with some marketing and helping spread the word around about my games. Just giving you guys heads up. Or maybe I am just giving myself a heads up…lol. But for everyone It means will be able to get this stuff done faster. I will make follow up posts on this with my status on it. Well see how it goes, I will need to adapt to the situation.

for those that like SVP Girls stuff there is more of that on the way.

March stuff was distributed yesterday. If you are at least on the hentai fan tier. please visit the patreon section of SVP.

Art for new/alt ARIA is done for now. I am trying to finish a demo of how it will all work together by tonight.

currently working on the win/lose images people wanted. Cafe and boxing primarily.
I also planned to make some smaller standalone games using parts of UMCH so I can post in places more easily. possibly the same for ARIA stuff.