Cosplay: Kassandra Leigh as Joey!

Joey can be seen here in her undies with her art book she uses to draw butterflies and scenery. And camera for publishing club activities~

From time to time the topic will be brought up about how it would be interesting see some of the characters in various games cosplayed, so here we are with the first! Post feedback! Hopefully soon I can have a dedicated cosplay section on the site.

Also if you like cosplay even just a little bit I’d recommend checking out her patreon:

She has a lot of very diverse sets of pictures from fetish, to fantasy, to mainstream stuff. I posted a few examples of stuff I liked below. But tbh all of it is good, I didn’t want to have too many pics in the post, so you just need to see for yourself on page. just scroll down. She has a few nice tease photos even public patreon posts, but has surprisingly a lot of nudes even at the $1 tier. And as usual it gets better as you go up in tier.

I Thought this one was pretty cool. Idk if I’d be next to a octopus thoguh. I think I read it was already dead but I’d still probably be nowhere near that thing heh.

And uh “Full creamy nudity” I’m sure you can figure out what that means for yourself XD