January 2, 2024

13 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. Wow multiple projects reports for today, it is looking good. It’s going to be interesting how each project evolve over time. You would always get ideas from other video games like Fallout 4 or the other Fallout games. I like the level up system and perks in Fallout games.

    So 3 days for Aria Rookie well that is a start for a novel. Than another different VN…. why the remake semitix novel into VN? That would give you a idea how to expand a novel and a VN into one. For latetr to do other novel into a VN.

    It’s going to be interesting to see the events of UMCH. I notice many hentai users are making games in RPG Maker. You do have the old Crystal Hunter in a old RPG Maker correct me if I’m wrong. I’m surprise the things these RPG Makers do for a hentai in RPG Maker. These guys actually made animation hentai scene in RPG Maker. I know RPG Maker is very limited and it’s always better to do the code manually than to use a tool. But it takes longer vs a tool like RPG maker than works faster in finishing but is very limited what you can do.

    1. You bring up a lot of good points. Yeah I forgot the Semitix needs a new format. DoE also.
      Yeah I was making the RPG game a long time ago but never finished. I always like to make something unique thoguh. Yeah making games from scratch takes a bit long because I basically have to code the engine from scratch and code even the most basic functions, yeah yeah it allow me to be able to make whatever I want.

  2. Please more 360s you make the best 360s no one on the net has stuff as good as you I’ve been looking forever

    1. updating my models at the moment I think I will finish edits to Maiko today. should be worth it when I finish.

  3. Nice progress man, if it contineus like this you can gladly discontineu the MMD stuff its by far the most boring of al your projects
    keep up the good work

    1. Thanks, however MMD is pretty high on my list of fun stuff to work on when I need to take a break with something else. with MMD I don’t need to rack my brain over code trying program or debug something, I don’t have to figure out how I should write certain scene or entire game script to explain lore or a situation. I don’t have to make sure the character appears consistent each time the character is used in a different pose or animation. with MMD it is just create only. Simple with very little to worry about. And making a end product such as a dance or sex video doesn’t take a large amount of time. and let’s me get my 3D fix. It is also used in my 3D games. So I’ll most likely stick with it. it is fun and relaxing. But having said that every so often I will do a poll to see what people are most interested in to make sure I’m not too far off into the weeds.

      1. I’m going to have to disagree with Polarisation here, I personally love your MMD, you already mentioned how you’re going to continue with them but I really want to let you know that I find them phenomenal and am really excited when you post one! They are all amazing quality and fun to watch! Good job with all you give us, thank you for it! Also Good luck with all your projects looking forward to the next UMCH update!!

        1. Many thanks for the feedback. The fact that I do so many different things across both 2D and 3D, you will have people that are here for one thing, but don’t really care too much for something else. I try to keep the things similar at least. such as MMD will have the characters I use in 2D, etc. It is hard for me do just one thing thoguh for several reasons. A topic for another time thoguh heh.

      2. Dude your MMDs are NOT boring! They are some of the sexiest!

        Now that’s not even mentioning your VR 360 stuff. There is not much of this out there and currently, you have some of the best. I BOUGHT my Gear VR FOR YOUR STUFF!

        If you started making 360s you could rule the genre… NOBODY’s stuff touches yours!

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