January 2, 2024

27 thoughts on “Help me understand.

  1. Probably trolling, or he’s comparing the main Aria girls to these girls instead of their counterparts from Aria classic. Not sure why he’d compare these two groups though but I have too much faith in human kind to consider a person screwing up this badly.

    1. Yeah but the main ARIA girls have their own redesigns that are fairly similar to the original. They just appear in different games. Of course not 1-to-1 ration exactly. different artist different style. Yeah he might not know that these are just putting some shine on the helper agents from ARIA a bit heh.

  2. Epic fail! ROFL! The new art they have different faces and breast size. I think he just like Pinoy’s art animate style than ttrop. Yes I like Pinoy’s art animated style. But even I can tell that this artist have the faces and art different from each other. It never cross my mind. This argument reminds me the time in Newgrounds where users where telling you about UM Dark Winter that Maiko was to fat. LOL

    As for ttrop his art style is cool, it’s just different fromj the other artist. The user does have skill, it’s not like he drew a stick hand, feets and a head and call that art. >_>

    I bet you that if you make animation using ttrop art style it will look good in motion. Than there is your art style of UM that move into MMD in 3D.

    1. Yeah apparently Maiko is fat heh. Yeah for me animation is hit or miss. of at least I feel that way when animating ttrops art lol. Most of them are ok imo but there are some I probably need to tweak a bit. There was a Holly one I animated but didn’t’ add yet because imo it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

    1. Something tell me this guy is serious XD
      because I’ve read this kind of comment before. probably doesn’t visit this site thoguh.
      I’m defiantly moving on thoguh

  3. Don’t give a shit about one trolling guy everybody loves it!
    Even if he is serious that’s one you dont bother wit him.

  4. Anon hate is is gonna hate anonymously. 99% critique you get from a grayface is a lie that exists only to hurt your feelings.

    1. this is could be someone I blocked. I don’t mind not liking something, but the reason why needs to at least make sense.

  5. To be honest, talk about the painted girls, the breasts of the girl in the black – it’s overkill. Even Umichan some girls too much, but it’s the idea of the artist and blame him no way. Otherwise, everything is fine. But huge breasts look ugly, but … the taste and color, as they say.

    1. Yeah, it kind of loses the charm when wherever you look you see breasts like hudge sacks of potatoes.

      1. in the game you will pick 3 to 4 girls out of these to train. Every girl will not suit your tastes, they are not even designed to.

    1. probably both heh. I obviously like pinoytoons stuff also but really no need to make up random shit heh. balloon tit is debatable, but there are different sizes clearly.

      1. ye I like pinoy too, but ttrop do a great job, I like the way he make the boobs and the face hehe.
        but the best thing to do with people like that, is to don’t care, probably he is with rage because of the lack of ARIA updates, and need to discount the rage in someone.

  6. Eh… I like and support your games and your work, Vortex, but if I am completely and absolutely honest, I have to say this:

    Of the two sets of images above… One artist displays what is either a passable knowledge of facial anatomy, structure and perspective, or else knowledge enough of their own limits to disguise them… While the other displays a complete and utter LACK of anything approaching a good grasp of facial anatomy and perspective, which ultimately leads to faces that look like hideously deformed aliens that just make me go ‘Eww, I have to stop looking at that right now!”

    Because of that, it doesn’t matter that the rest of the art style contains more detail or difference – the facial anatomy is just so completely hideously -WRONG- to look at that I can only imagine that the individuals who say that it’s ‘fine’ are spending the vast majority of their time looking somewhere other than the character’s face. Facial anatomy is one of those things where, if you can’t do it RIGHT, then your best bet is to keep it very simple instead, and not showcase your lack of understanding… The top line of girls is a prime example of facial anatomy done very, very badly. Picasso may have been a great artist, but no-one’s going to rub their button to it… and that is the problem with those girls on the top line.

    I am -Sorry- to the artist for having to say something that harsh – really I am, reading a comment like that is never going to be a nice feeling… but it’s not just a personal opinion, it’s an empirical truth. Personal opinion is the divide as to whether some people notice it strongly or not, or whether they can over-look it, or focus elsewhere enough to enjoy the art as a whole… some can, and some can’t… but the fact of the godawful anatomy and perspective of the faces is simply a truth for what it is.


    1. You don’t like the faces, indeed they are not perfect. But your opinion is so great it becomes an empirical truth? you completely lost me lol.

      Would I have a few corrections for the faces? a few for some yeah, more for others. But I don’t see “hideously wrong” here in any of the faces imho. What you are probably seeing is I think that ttrop draws the hair before setting up the face. then kind of makes the face fit into the remaining open parts not covered by the hair. It doesn’t bother me as much, but yeah I will get a comment similar to yours every so often. changing the order probably would help. as well as following a few basic guidelines. I will mention it to him.

    1. idk, according the the person there is no variation. The only variation is the breast size here, that is only “slightly”. the rest is same face and a huge disappointment overall I guess. All I can do is move forward. was just very odd to read when ttrop showed it to me heh.

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