January 3, 2024

27 thoughts on “TheRookie sex animation wip

    Nah man, nahh, you wanna kill, man… nah… *tries to control himself, deep breaths*
    I had to literally close my notebook for a sec when i saw her scene and when I realized what had just happened I covered my face with my hands to hide my smile from my co-workers man. DONT TO THAT TO ME! LOL
    Remi is cute too, I love the tongue going out when she is reaching climax!
    Man, I know these animations might be simple, but they are not bad at all! I love the girls faces, the angles, how they look to you, its all great! TT and Riley are great too! And Luma looks so proud of having her boobs used and stared at, look at that happy smile until things get more intense XD

    1. many thanks, these are a it easier to do also. but yeah after doing so many UMCH animations it’s a fairly learned process heh.

  2. Oh those are veins on Remi. I thought at first it was weird lumps.

    Was going to say that nurse Remi should know better than to have sex like that.

    1. Yeah it is more clearly visible that they are veins in the game. Also just finished the scene with Remi I’m sure people will like it.

  3. didn’t finish today but I’m about 80% done. Need to finish the ending evaluation for day 2, and the lynn scene. basically I need to finish all non-UMCH tasks before next week.

  4. done with day 2 of 3 for this game. will work on day 3 at a later date that will have all the endings etc.will be testing the game today and tomorrow to make sure there are no game breaking issues.

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