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The Rookie game ideas

I plan to stress test the UMCH Lite engine to contain all 70+ characters and various backgrounds to see if it builds…

The Rookie on Newgrounds!

Please go help vote on it!

The Rookie and UMCH story survey

I have begun trying to work on UMAA again now that I am done with fixing issues with Rookie and Sentoryu for…

ARIA: The Rookie

You are the new rookie agent, decide which sexy teammate will influence you the most.

The Rookie 1.4

massive art update~

The Rookie special agent trainee suit redesign

Earlier I mentioned the would be getting all the art updated to the newer styles. The Rookie Updates I also took a…

The Rookie Updates

The rookie will soon be getting a fresh coat of paint the in the form of character art and animations. A lot…

The Rookie updates

http://spiralvortexplay.com/svp/aria-the-rookie/ ending animations added. Phia scene added. Still need to add sounds.

working on lots of animations

Been catching up on animation work to have the animations ready to add into content for this month. There’s six that need…

ARIA: The Rookie

this game has been updated

no image

small Rookie updates

Still trying to wrap up the Rookie. I ran into a bug where the text color turns from white to black after…

The Rookie facial expressions preview

While working on the Rookie added dialogue scenes yesterday, I noticed some part could really facial expression changes that I didn’t have….

The Rookie update status

Finally started back working finishing the Rookie. This was a VN game I started working on for fun while UMCH was in…

Arielle Rookie animation wip

Animated old art in preparation to finish up the Rookie. I think this and the Remi stuff was voted for on the…