January 3, 2024

13 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Malice and the Machine

  1. Wow I seen a lot of RPG Maker hentai stuff, they usually use RPG Maker to do a hentai VN but without the battle command. But this game, the animation of the characters are very very good to good. The animation of the enemies leaves me speechless. Well animated. MOst of these users make the 3D using DAZ Studio, A tool all about making 3D models. That tool really holds your hands when doing 3D model. But it does have advance tool like any other tool. I’ll say it is the fastest doing 3D model than any other tool. Many users just go buy from the DAZ store with the patreon money they get to make these RPGmaker hentai 3D games.But this one is well animated. And wait fucking while in battle as finishing moves what the fuck? LOL

    Maybe you heard of DAZ Studio it is the best tool in making 3D model. Now the bad news is it doesn’t have all the tools the way Unity 3D or even Blender 3D does. The point is DAZ is more focus in creating 3D models than making a complete game. Or Blender 3D a complete game or video editing. IT is free to try, cost money for the more advance tool. Maybe you want to try the tool since so many 3D animators use DAZ Studio for 3D models. Also many use DAZ Studio to than tranfer it to MMD. Why? The same reason you use Animated Studio to than use Adobe Flash. ^_^


    1. I have DAZ and used it in the past, if you can recall.


      those were made with daz

      I stopped using it because my I think that was when my HDD or computer died I and I never felt like reinstalling all that stuff. I might install it on a different pc thoguh.

  2. I personally prefer the classic RPG Maker games with the “shitty graphics” as my mother likes to think of them. I guess the idea behind this game is… okay? I think? I’m kinda biased against h-games where you need to fail in order to see the sex. Again, sex is a good thing. So why should we associate it with failure?

    In the event that you decide to play more of these types of games for us, I recently discovered a site with a lot of h-games that may be of interest to you. I found it because I wanted to see the nude version of Crush Crush (Side note 1: Unfortunately the time hack only works once per game, I think. Side note 2: I blame YandereDev for getting me addicted to this game; Yandere-chan guest stars in it). http://www.nutaku.net/home/

    1. The reason sex happens when you fail in certain H-games is because it’s not just sex, it’s rape. Sex is indeed a good thing, rape is definitely not.

      1. that’s a fair point. I would imagine what selvira is getting at is rewarding failure. it’s good to lose you can see the sex scene. common in this format or a related action game format with combat such as platforming. because it is easy to add rape or something if you lose, but what if you win? usually you just only get to keep playing. you might get something here or there for progressing far enough into the game, but the bulk of it is commonly seen when you lose.

    2. Nah I don’t do these that often for that. I am familiar with the site, a lot of those games on there don’t really work because I want to be able to play a game as far as I can get on my sit down without hitting a money wall or running out of whatever the game currency is needed to continue playing. was not expecting patreon exclusive option in the free sakura game. also just checking out free demos directly from developers.

    3. Is my dream to finally play a game inwhich i play a female character that kick asses in order to unlock the hentai scenes.

        1. Oh, i fantasized a lot about something like that. But i have absolutely not computing or artistic skills.
          What was in my mind is a game inwhich the heroine for “some reason” obtain a special ability that make able to cast spells and fight against multiple people at once recovering fast from damages (a poor plot excuse for RPG heroes that are able to destroy entire armies by themselves) kinda like Maiko’s thingy. Then for “some reason” she must defeat bad dudes or good if she is the baddie. And cause she want strong people to mate her (i was thinking about a some kind of barbarian girl from a tribe that value strenght above everything else, or an alchemist that need that for her summons) the player can decide to reverse rape the dude. Thanks to the girls special power she can give birth and make the kid grow in few days and use it as a combat unit that inherit the father abilities and characteristic. So if she would have sex with a demon she would spawn a succubus and she could be able to use her in combat or to do stuff that require her powers. My idea included even a some kind of corruption system but not the usual of hentai games. Sexual corruption always looked like a kinda retarded concept to me. That the more she choose to kill/torture/do bad things to other the more psychotic and violent she become unlocking some very sadistic sex sequences. While if she want to play good she would develop as a gentle oneesan going into moege/cute directions.
          Of course this post is NOT a request. Just take it as something i wanted to get off my chest cause i know cause of my lack of skills and patience i will NEVER do anything with this idea. If this can aid you in finding the proper idea for something you wanna do then glad to be of help.

          1. https://www.lewdgamer.com/2016/09/30/drop-factory-free-breeding-game/

            Has a couple ideas you mentioned. Not the strong female so much though. I can’t think of any games that do that really. Which is pretty disappointing, I always wanted a reverse meet n fuck kind of game. Where it’s some girl(s) going out to try and get laid with some dudes. Not sure how many people are into that though. All I ever find for fem protags are the try to not get raped kinda games.

          2. I need to check my own lore, but my idea was to have a character that has the khalei infusion condition Jeo has. Where is a very strong agent but gradually get weaker the more she does stuff without needed to have sex. Otherwise a game could easily just be centered around Phia.

  3. I really don’t like this 3d models. I much prefer Ttrop and hentai art in general over this. Is like watching barbie dolls porn.

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