January 3, 2024

2 thoughts on “VortexPlays: Sakura Maid

  1. Don’t know man, I was wondering what the fuck was going on. What is the plot of the maids? What the hell is the purpose of the maids? What is the goal of the maids?

  2. So the sex scenes in this seemingly short VN are sort of like the scenes from day 2 of The Rookie (I’m assuming; I never actually took advantage of anyone other than teaching Lynn sex stuff in my current playthrough). A total of three backgrounds, and a few stills of sex pre- and post- orgasm. I’m assuming that the plant juice is really just that, the liquid inside the plant where the sugars and other nutrients are being transported. Like when you pick a healthy leaf off a bush and this milky stuff comes out of the end. The character models do have SOME alteration with arm placement, but it’s really hard to notice.

    The main thing that the game has over what you’ve got so far is pacing when it comes to transitions. The Rookie kinda lags behind in that aspect. We usually have to wait for the game to load in the next scene. Also, because some segments are animated they cannot be skipped through. So we’d have to watch Remi rub in the cure every single time. It gets somewhat tedious there.

    Also, where’s the genitalia? The penetration? I only saw one nipple throughout this whole thing! And it was covered in shadow!

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