Smaller games and sound

Hey everybody, its jccq89! This post aims to answer two frequently asked questions, they are:

1 – Why there are no sound effects in UMCH?

2 – Why are the new games smaller?

Both can be answered with one answer. Let me explain:

UMCH is a huge game, it has lots of unique sex animations (over 60+). If you count the speed variations the number gets even bigger. Adding sound to all that in one month like the builds have been released so far is quite the work so Vortex decided to organize it by quests. Female Rivalries is the main quest in UMCH, that was the first step, he could add music, sound and even have some new dialogue in for it. By making it a single chapter the game size gets much smaller and its possible to host it on another websites too. The game file won’t be as huge as it is to download every month too making it easier for people to keep up with the new content as soon as it is released. So as soon as Vortex finish these new smaller games if you play all them one by one, they will be the same as UMCH, but with sound effects and music plus a bit of new dialogue scenes added in. And that’s how it will be from now on, the new content of the game will be coming in small waves. Once all the chapters are done they will be used to easily finish the bigger UMCH game! Separating them into chapters creates milestones and organizes the work. I hope that clarifies the doubts around those questions!