May 30, 2024

9 thoughts on “MMD: Secret Arcade Sex

  1. Hey, any chance of you sharing the base for your character models? I’d like to start making my own MMD videos but I want to create my own characters first.

  2. Woah, caught me off guard with this!
    Its so awesome man!
    I wanted to see something between them for a while and you did a great job 😀
    Even though you say their models are old, Leyah’s pretty good, specially when you get to see her breasts and nipples.
    Just feeling very happy right now XD

    1. I know right. I was going to change them to lore related stuff like Magical Kitty etc, but making this environment was already non-trivial, and I only used like 3 cabinets.

  3. The sex is fluid, the Arcade background noise really puts us in the mood, and the different games and posters… i LOVE references like that! Will have to watch it again to see which ones i missed.

    1. Thanks glad you like it. I need to change all that stuff to be more lore friendly. but that will be for a later date.

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