small updates

I still have few posts to make that I will make soon.
-next UMCH version
-ARIA update analysis
-Jeni game description
-Arielle game/movie description
-Arielle mmd video
-Agent trainer minor art tweaks

Again as a reminder if you are looking for UMCH next version and specifically are looking for now H-animations you have seem them all already. I’m in the process of transitioning to new stuff. At this point I am just doing bug fixes, which kind of takes a while since barely anyone reports any. However when I finally have it tested internally there are tons of bugs to fix, and is why it takes a while. When I post a new version the majority of people here on svp just ask when the next version is instead of helping out testing and reporting any issues. very few mention issues.

Once UMCH is for the most part with any/much bugs issues I will move to work on stuff as mentioned in the post below but with a few things added that I will post about soon.

Workflow Explanation

I will also post the small flash monthly stuff and the rest of the separate chapters from UMCH with possibly a bonus chapter to be made later. basically a lot of stuff will start flowing in after UMCH. The next Major project will likely be the Jeni game. More about that soon.