Swimming minigame test 3 – Feedback Requested

Swimming game is about ready to be made. It’s not really designed to be super amazing just something small and fun since it is a side project mostly. For this build I just took out all moving water to help deal with lag. I also added the Ai opponent. In this it is Maiko vs Arielle.

Also I know the overlapping looks a bit odd but I’m not sure how else I want to do it. I don’t want the Ai to be able to block you from swimming. I might have it where if there is overlap it makes one a darker blue so it looks like she would be fully underwater.

Try the test here: (use arrow keys to swim)

flash players here if need a way to play swf files without a browser:

Are able to beat the opponent?
If not:
are you can are you able to beat the opponent after turning off Splash?
are you can are you able to beat the opponent after selecting low settings?

more info this this swimming game can be found in the post below.

Swimming game updates