January 3, 2024

35 thoughts on “Umichan new relationship system ideas

    1. at the very least those included from UMCC. However possibly agent trainer characters also for school vs school activities similar to the swim competition in the swim game coming up.

  1. Sounds great. I think hate should be included.

    “characters may drop a tier down if you bring them to sexual stuff they are not interested in.”
    Do you mean sexual stuff in general or can the player choose sexual actions to preform and characters have different preferences?

    I think that’ll be pretty cool to see interactive sex and characters react to what you do.

    1. mainly trying to bring them into sex stuff too soon. but also some characters may have preferences also. Like Lynn can do the sex stuff you’d expect Lynn to do. normal sex stuff but nothing crazy like a spitroast or gloryhole. I may have items or some way to possibly alter it. maybe just password. still thinking about how that might work.

      1. I thought of an idea of how sex could work. I’ll share it while it’s on my mind.
        But you don’t have to read it if you’ve already got a system in mind.

        During a sex scene, the character is in full view of the player. The player can click different parts of the character’s body, each part giving a list of actions.

        Clicks breasts
        Action List opens:
        Hold (with hands)
        Suck nipple
        Titjob (if player character male)
        Cum on/Squirt on (depending on gender)

        Characters will have different reactions to actions on parts of their body. Their dialogue will indicate.

        Indifferent. Likes. Loves. Boring. Too aggressive. Gross. Too much effort. Ended too quick.

        1. Thanks. I’m not totally sure how sex stuff will work. But at the moment I planed to use the pattern match minigame. But yeah if the character has multiple animations then I can have it where you can click to get certain parts.

  2. Normal could be called indifferent and hate could be aversion
    Also maybe there could be an extra level between friend and normal, something like acquaintance, that evolves from indifferent once you talk to that person, so you can keep track of who are you talking to (assuming there would be some kind of way to check the status with the characters). Other than that this is a pretty good system imo

    The could also be some scenes that you need to be friends with a few characters to unlock, like be best friends with David and joiry to get a threesome scene. Same could happen if you become friends with a girl and some dude

    1. yeah scenes with multiple characters will require each character involved to be at certain tier.

      aversion seems good. however don’t think indifferent fits all the characters. If a character doesn’t seem to be concerned at all about the player character it be in their normal personality.

      for the idea of a acquaintance tier, keep mind adding a another relationship tier is not as trivial as it may seem. It means adding requirements to both increase and decrease from that tier for all characters that have unique stuff. and making more stuff for the character that share requirements. I think acquaintance would be covered in the normal tier when considering the different personalities for each characters.

      1. i just write random ideas so yeah

        btw in your patreon page on the Umichan Sentoryu section the link for the latest build links to the rookie

  3. I like the sound of it. Would this game allow for different main characters? I would love to play as Pattie or another character that doesn’t have a fleshed out backstory.

    I would prefer Dislike over Hate.

    1. I’m still thinking about this. All the character have backstories, so I’m on the fence between Maiko and a custom character at the moment. But even that can change also.

  4. It sort of sounds like how relationships in Artificial Academy 2 work, with there being points for love, like, dislike and hate. The difference being that this is a single spectrum, while in AA2 had a different counter for all 4.

    I’d say the terms used for relationships should be Rival, Acquaintance, Friend and Best Friend to correspond to dislike, neutral, like and love on the spectrum.

    1. Not sure rival works here since different characters handle the lowest tier in their own way. Some characters may be distant, while another may be courteous, and another a bully, etc. I plan to use icons so hopefully I won’t need to actually name any of the tiers I just have them named for used in this post.

  5. ooooo, I really like the sound of this system. you pretty much nailed everything. Only thing I’d like to add would be some sort of flags that let you know if they do or don’t like what your doing/ how your acting, so we’re not randomly going around the game doing things and losing friends.

    1. Thanks. I’m not sure how I might do that organically. Though I do plan to have a mini social media site in the game where you can see some stuff characters like and don’t.

  6. I really like this system. To be honest, (and obviously I’m biased this way anyway) I think it would work best with a custom character. Maiko has her personality and friends already, and while it seems totally in-character for her to want to be friends with everyone, if you can’t do that due to certain characters having problems with each other, I feel it brings up some issues. Like, it wouldn’t really fit for Maiko to befriend, say, Joiry and David at the expense of losing her relationship with the more friendly characters who might have a problem with that. As a custom character, our choices of who to befriend rely entirely on our own personality and not Maiko’s. Also, I just really want to be Maiko’s friend…

    1. There’s various advantages and disadvantages to working with a blank slate so I am still thinking about it. Keep in mind that even the custom character in current UMCS has a personality, and that losing a relationship tier works differently based on the character.

      1. Fair enough. As I’ve said before, you’re the creator and I’ll be satisfied with whatever you decide. Keep up the great work!

  7. Honestly all I care about is can I whip my breast out like in umcc in the locker room but in more places

    1. Yeah I plan to have that available since I plan to have a trouble system. You can see how it is in UMCS as an example. One of the problems in UMCC is there is no consequence for anything.

  8. Is it possible for a cheat to still have sex with or see scenes in the gallery for people with the hate attribute? There are some characters I know I rather keep below normal, but don’t want to miss out on things.

  9. I don’ like the idea of not being able to be freinds with everybody at the same time, i’d like to get as many scenes as possible on one play through. Other then that love the idea definetly a step up from previous games.

  10. It may be a bit confusing for the standard state to be called normal for people that aren’t familiar with the characters. B/c characters have really different ‘normal’ states. Ex: Pattie would be really approachable and kind but Joiry’s normal state is kind of an asshole. Maybe for meaner characters it’d make sense to use a term like ‘ambiguous’ instead of normal.

    Other than that the plan looks great to me. I missed the relationship system from umcc and this looks like a more in depth version of what that was.

  11. I like the idea where you can’t be friends with everyone, cause it makes an alignment system in a way. It would be interesting if depending on the level of friendship with a person you have, there is different interactions between characters. This game’s gonna have a lot of design challenges I bet, I imagine a shit ton of conditional statements. This game’s gonna be exciting nonetheless.

      1. i see, since i finished the umch theres no need to play it again since theres a sequel right? and all these updates are for the sequel??

        1. These updates are for a sequel yes. I also am planning a small update for UMCH at some point. Mostly dealing with the Nurse office.

  12. One thing I would like to see is ways for players to gain 100% friendship with all friendable NPCs. Then maybe cross interaction for players to have with two or more NPCs at the same time. It would be good as you can see the relationship between NPCs and how your relationship affect theirs. Say NPC1 doesn’t like NPC2, but you invite them both to follow you and do stuff, they will try to get along because of you.

    1. taking multiple npcs along is much easier said than it is to code. I’m not sure of the best way to do that at the moment.

      What I wanted to do was just have one you can bring along. However that character can/will also interact with people you see. and yes, if you are friends with both but they don’t like each other canonically, they will have dialogue reflecting that. I think it achieves the same affect you are suggesting here?

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