Small updates

Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been focused on finishing Umichan Sentoryu and various patreon deliverables. As usual when this happens there is still a lot of stuff being done, I just haven’t posted about it.

a quick rundown on what I need to make posts about:

Umichan Sentoryu is done and will be uploaded shorty by the weekend. It had multiple grammar and bug issues fixed.
Patreon version will begin with a unlock gallery. also I plan on making a bonus/deluxe version that includes 3 additional h-scenes

Umichan Maiko Agent Academy (UMAA) ariel background is done. I need to have a some top down areas made along with the entrance.
I still need to figure out how I want to do dialogue for that.

I realized I never posted a version of the rookie here that had sound included. However I think I will hold off on that Until the custom school entrance is finished and use the custom art in the game.

Daughter of Eve VN has some progress made but I am still unsure what is left that need to be finished or how long that will be. I know stuff takes a while to do even working full time on it. So working off and on might take longer. I’ll check in on the status of this by the time I make a post about it.

I wanted to make a poll to get some feedback and what you like to see me focusing on.

There are some comments I need to reply to and I’m sure some forum stuff also.

I think I will go ahead and post the 3d Arielle game and the 2D rts ARIA alpha shortly also. basically whatever side stuff haven’t I haven’t made much progress on.