January 2, 2024

8 thoughts on “Umichan Maiko Agent Academy Updates

  1. Can’t wait for the finish product but have to ask whats the plan for the tie in for the rookie? What about the heroine? Are you going to have some form of options that lets you choose who tge rookie ended up with? Or you going to disregard the whole tie in? Anyhow keep up the good work

    1. Many thanks. I’ll have the player decide what happened in the rookie (and sentoryu) through dialogue choices.

      Since this game overlaps ARIA timeline, at the start of UMAA Luma, Riley and Lynn will be away finding Jeo. This is when Maiko will spend majority of her time with the rookie and can get intimate with him or not. I’ll probably for example, have a scene where the rookie talks about missing one of the characters. The player can select which girl.

      When Luma team gets back they will have different reactions based on if Maiko did any sexual stuff with him. But i don’t think it would effect the entirety of the game since Maiko is not really on their team. It might effect some stuff like they they can become a all agent for the shooting minis.

      Keep in mind nothing is set in stone yet. these are just ideas.

  2. Happy to see youre back with Maiko! 😛 Didnt see much of her in The Rookie and Sentoryu! c:

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