Umichan Maiko Agent Academy Updates

I will soon make updates the the pre-alpha prototype posted below:

UMAA pre-alpha prototype

It will still be pre-alpa as I am still setting up the infrastructure to support a large scale game that will have a lot of content added.

I need to make sure stuff is optimized now while it is still small
, and not have to deal with a nightmare scenario later where I need to find some performance issues in a already large game that many different parts to check.

The goal here is:
replace some placeholder art with actual game art.
make recommended changes to weapons and POV scrolling.
Set up infrastructure to be able to do VN style dialogue.
investigate and possibly resolve issues with lag and frame loss
animate some of the top down hentai parts

Below is weapon art
1 & 3 are waterguns. There is a them park location the game where Maiko will be able to shoot fun waterguns.
2 & 4 are automatic type weapons.
the rest inducing the penis are pistol type weapons.
I’m not sure how many different weapons I will have since you will need to use you other tools such as sentinels and Khalei to give you the edge in the shooting minigame.
Character like Phia and Ari will have their unique weapons. In a old MMD video I made Maiko had a double chain-gun weapon that I might also use here.

Blow is Maiko’s agent gear outfit compared to Arielle and Phia. For A lto of Maiko’s outfits you will be able to click them to change how they are worn. I plan for this to just be cosmetic and not actually effect story scenes. But there may be some hidden stuff to use it for!

Unlike UMCC and UMCH, In this game, Maiko will not be living alone! She will be living with Holly. If you played Umichan Sentoryu you have an Idea for the crazy shenanigans that can happen. Maiko will still be able to travel to the School and mall areas. However there will be other areas to travel to also.