January 2, 2024

16 thoughts on “UMAA project updates

  1. Seems pretty good so far, can’t wait for the release. One question about one of the pictures, though… did Jeni forget she’s actually WEARING her panties?

    1. Even though this is further along in the story, that dialogue is a nod to some events from sentoryu. The release is also posted!

  2. Query: Maiko is my favorite character. When engaging in..scenes..will it be third-person? I sure wouldn’t like it to be first-person view.

  3. Is nice you maintain that titty first person view from previous maiko games. Is kinda fun and something unique (or at least i’ve never seen anyone do it) of your games.
    The premises are good. So i hope to see a playable version of this game soon.

    1. Yeah I plan to. Not sure why you put a sad face. Kyle had multiple penetrations scenes in UMCH also.

      1. I especially meant with Maiko. I just remember one scene with her in UMCH and that’s when she is grinding on him without putting it in. That’s why I put the sad face

        1. I can immediately recall one if the photo club where Kyle requests a photo. and and the end of the Savori quest if you pick Savori.

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