UMAA project updates

I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since posting an update here so I wanted to make one. I should have a new build ready in a few days

I managed to get dialogue working like how i did it in flash with UMCH which was crucial. I made some adjustments to weapons and added a few more. I also added placeholder art for more outfits. I am currently working on offense combat where you can move around a boss. And also on defense I plan to have it where you can move to spots where allies would stand if you have no allies.

Below you can see some UI similarities to Umichan Sentoryu. That game tested a out a lot of stuff I wanted to implement in future Umichan games, such as the travel system, money, and pass time. When in ares where you can change clothes there will be a clothes hanger icon. All you need to do is click the lower area on the breasts. And similar to sentoryu there will be a money icon in the the top left and a navigation icon in the top right. There will also be a time pass icon and possibly a bed icon indication when you need to pass time or sleep. Also unlike UMCH where you click a dialogue button on screen to initiate dialogue, here you will just click on the actual characters. Also at times, a character you want to talk to may be in the area you are in, but not visible for some reason, such as busy or sleeping. if this is the case an icon will appear indicating what the action is and the characters face. I might have where clicking on these will manually force a pass time event to begin, this should cause the character to become available again.

The pic below is a example of a short dialogue happens after clicking on Jeni. The dialogue could be random banter or actually advance a story element of you need to talk to that character. Also doing other things like trying to bring up the phone, or clicking boobs might disrupt the conversation depending the character. When the prototype is out, try doing other stuff during the dialogue with Jeni. There should be at least two ways to interrupt the conversation. Also try talking to Jeni with different outfits. Similar to UMCC I am trying to add a few “what happens when” secrets you can have fun finding.

Below is an example of the phone menu. You will be able to set the color of the phone and Maiko’s nails and also change the background. For the next build you will only be able to change what gun you are using. But like in UMCC/CH the phone will be where a lot of the stats, medals, settings, galleries, etc. that are shown here.

Below are examples of the top down shooting defense section of the game. I wanted to make the guns in the game so far feel very different, even the guns that are similar such as normal and heavy water-gun. Some guns will also apply a status effects to the enemy like slowing them down etc.

I want to have it where life bars appear over the enemies on defense mode, but in offense mode where you only fight a single enemy there is a long bar at the top of the screen.

When Maiko has less than two ally characters she will be able to move to the spots where they can stand.

Also if you have doubts about the shooting mode possible overpowering the game, I am trying to make this game play as much like UMCC/CH as possible. I plan to have other minigames also such as H minigames. But I want to make sure that each minigame in here is actually pretty fun and has progression. Also since this game will be for mobile I want minigames like this where you can load up the game and play a few shooting minis quickly when you have a bit of time to burn.