January 6, 2024

9 thoughts on “ARIA Project: Group

  1. I would like to see a Maiko drawn by this guy.
    Just curious for the result.
    I don’t want to make or read comparisons between this Shikari guy/gal, and Ttrop.
    They are different artists with a different drawing style.

  2. So Beautiful! ^_^ This looks like something that could have come from Final Fantasy in the sense it mixes Realism with Anime! ^_^ :3

  3. These are great. My only issue with these is that Phia has the largest breasts, while in the game it’s Arielle. Of course that’s just a nitpick to what’s an excellent series of pics.

    1. I’m actually delighted you noticed. Actually they are supposed to be around the same size based on he lore, but Arielle’s breast where made too small here. And on top of that I actually had Shikari increase Phia’s size from how he originally had it. I might try to increase Ari’s size to match later.

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