January 2, 2024

5 thoughts on “ARIA combat system remake in html5

  1. I realized something during my old game plays, Ari’s NLaWS can be fired three times, then there’s a cool down of X amount of time.
    As for the battle loots, instead of a random crate at the end or buying them through the Rebel Base, but, Gacha games mechanic, how would it work? I’m kinda unfamiliar with Gacha games, there will be a wheel to spin, click on floating crates amid an asteroid field(graphic, but, intentional for miss clicks)? Or a mini game to shoot Sentinels, like… High score wins X reward or shooting a specific type of Sentinel gives different rewards?

    1. Gacha is exactly like how it is in ARIA. meaning that in addition to leveling up, you also get stronger by greeting certain stuff from the boxes. for now I plan to have it the same where you get them after certain missions based on the difficulty. and then you can buy various kinds with with resources.

      1. That’s great. Although it’s different from the old version of ARIA, I still like you to use the new ARIA with artistic style. I like everything you do and will always support your author.

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