Updates and Production Schedule

Recently I took some polls on my patreon to help me sort out a way to get to a nice production schedule that does not have me swamped every month with a backlog of work to finish and can focus on getting new and upcoming content posted asap. Based on the polling from those posts I have decided to export all the unused animations that are not assigned to any upcoming game, or that were assigned to games I am trying to finalize such as Sentoru and The Rookie.

below is kind of a sorting list of overall stuff I wanted to finish.

Games in development
(the game still needs a story outline, script writing, animations created, and gampleplay mechanics coded)

  • UMAA
  • new ARIA
  • Arielle 3D

games ready for production
(only need to import art and code the game, writing, animation, and other development parts are done)

  • Yui Game
  • Umichan Sorani
  • Daughter of Eve VN
  • ARIA Jailbreak (Remake)

games ready for animation quality improvement.
(the game only needs finishing touches, quality improvements, and/or it’s last few pieces of content)

  • Umichan Sentoryu (done)
  • ARIA The Rookie
  • Umichan Splashing Surprise
  • Umichan Two scoops
  • Umichan Futa Fantasy

For UMAA I only have the basic idea of what happens and small alpha prototype. I need to detail the story outline and finish combat and gamplay mechanics, especially on mobile. and Do another lag test with a higher quality animation. So while that happens I can be finishing other stuff.
So as for a schedule I am thinking:
1. Sentroyu – smooth animations (done)
2. Rookie – smooth animations (started)
3. Export all unused animations as standalone media.
4. Finish UMAA combat enemies and mobile controls.
From here the games can be created linearly in whatever order.

  • Yui Game – (Alternate sex parody of the Yui missions from the Rookie)
  • Umichan Sorani – (A game Zytra finding ways to make money)
  • Daughter of Eve VN – (takes place before UMCH)
  • ARIA Jailbreak Remake – (describes how Amp escaped GemCo capture)

The games listed under Games in development will be worked on along side this until they are ready for production. Meaning ttrop has made a lot of the art, the script is done, etc. Of course I don’t have exact dates for all these but I’m working on getting stuff done asap so I can get to being able to have some semblance of a schedule. It took me about 4 days to update the Sentoryu art and exporting the art should only take 1 day. The Rookie will be the next big chunk of time.

Feel free to post thoughts. And later I will have posts of stuff some people have been asking me about from time to time.