January 7, 2024

14 thoughts on “Updates and Production Schedule

  1. I personaly am very excited for the Yui game, she’s one of my favorites but she never had much attention. I think her as the perfect stereotype for shota x milf (also Alma and Phia, but most Yui), dont know If you plan on add this for her story, but i dream with that since her scene with Jeo in ARIA. So is there any chance of that happening?

    1. Right now I plan to add the maiko or luma scene and call it a day. There was a another game created by wilson about Remi that I thought about combing with this game but I want to have that as a separate game instead. That game leads up to the introduction of a rival futa scientist.

        1. Don’t worry, it’ll be continued on in future games. The futa train isn’t stopping any time soon.

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