January 1, 2024

18 thoughts on “small game delays

    1. Sorry about the delay but I don’t want to rush myself because a arbitrary holiday deadline. Not sure if you are on the patreon or not but I release games and updates game versions there monthly.

  1. It’s sad when this type of changes must affect a project but considering the “highschool” could be replaced with “private academy”, “boarding school” or even “college” (Joiry could pass for a freshman with sports scholarship easily) in case it must be referenced in future games there is no harm, I will miss the uniforms being more than just cosmetic thou, those designs were neat.

  2. I don’t have a school outfit fetish, so i don’t really care. Hope you don’t need, and don’t want, to sacrifice anything else.

    1. they have no age, no birthday, no cup size, etc. because they are fictional characters. we can only speculate at best. And I’d rather not speculate at all heh. I only speculate on cup sizes at most in certain situations. one example being that someone might want to draw a realistic version of a character, etc.

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