Project Updates

I don’t want to get into a mode where I’m posting updates again. But I’m not quite ready for the next updates I wanted to do. There’s actually 4 update posts I wanted to do.

The first will be showing updated 3D Arielle game. Showing the updated combat, all of the characters and discussing how I plan to implement dialogue and sex parts of the game.

The 2nd, or another one will be a animation comparison. Ttrop and I have been discussion different ways we can implement sex scenes that have both pros and cons in html5. I wanted to make a small game/app that showcases both and get feedback on which one you all prefer. This is relevant for UMAA and the Umiya game, and any VN game I might make moving forward.

3rd, I got some cosplay stuff rolling out soon’ish so I wanted to show some previews of that.

4th will how a preview of the updated Luma MMD model.

stay tuned!