January 1, 2024

8 thoughts on “Project Updates

  1. Cosplay, huh? That’s interesting.

    Any further explaination? Would love to see a Zytra or Maiko cosplay, or any girl, really.

    1. I have Zytra, Maiko, Pattie and Arielle all done by adult cosplayers from Brazil. I’ll have a small preview of that in my batch of updates later today

  2. for the pros and cons maybe a protected/unprotected mechanic? like risk a disease or pregnancy for unprotected sex, but get better rewards for the risk? or maybe make some choices have scocial repercussions, like fucking tom in umch causing rumors to spread? or have routine sex with an agent for a priviledge but having difficulty breaking it off? or some bad ends for sleeping with some gemco elites?

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