January 2, 2024

13 thoughts on “MMD Model updates

  1. Yooo Luma when? I’ve one of those who been eagerly waiting another Luma video since 2016 and been watching ever since the early days of Iwara. Honestly you do great work and I’ve been checking up pretty much everyday. Wondered where you’ve gone this last bit

    1. Luma is usually at some point after i figure out Zytra since Luma has even bigger boobs than her. So just never really got to Luma before wanting trying to improve existing models again.

  2. Hey, I’m kinda new to the party, but ever since I spotted and played your mini flash game about Zytra’s interview with Ace, I instantly liked your style and got really interested about what else you have to ofter. Even though I don’t have any money to support you on Patreon (wish I had some tho XD), I’ll still like whatever you create. Really great work, and I’m excited to see some new great things along the way.

  3. Such pretty, pretty girls~! Also BOOOOOBS. Remember when Riley practically didn’t have any? I remember that. That was in the video when you redid Lynn’s model the first time. *goes back to the video and notices Luma’s breast size* OH HOLY SHIT how are you going to make Luma’s tits work!?!? They used to be smaller than what Zytra has NOW, how are they supposed to be jumbo-sized!?!? I really hope you do update Lynn too. She’s a core character, and all the girls here are main characters so why should anyone be left out? But then Jenni would need a new model too, and how long as it been since you’ve worked on her?

    1. ttrop draws riley with significant boobs so have that there also. At lot the updated model actually takes ttrop rendering of them into consideration. I made Leeina bigger here but might render her down a bit again.

      As for Lynn, I just need a stopping point on MMD models or else I’ll just be constantly updating and editing models. I may eventually get to Lynn at some point.

      Also I already have Luma’s boobs worked out. They are not incredibly larger from zytra and work good enough after adjusting some of the physics. The trickiest part is actually her hair.

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