Gemco Arielle Team

Trainer: Tiffany
Captain: Arielle
Phia – Red
Bri – Purple
Jeo – Yellow

A team of special agents capable of handling the most dangerous tasks. Usually only 1 or any 2 members of this team are required to do a assignment given to them. This team uniquely has Bri, a purple agent who can sense others around her and weaken them. She also has visions about what’s going to happen. This gives the team a unique tactical advantage. Unfortunately though, Bri can’t exert a lot of power without damaging herself in the process. In addition to that, both Arielle and Phia use experimental weapons not issued to any other agents. Jeo is a product of over infusion making him nearly undefeatable, and Tiffany’s barrier strength and defensive tactical prowess is not matched among any current GemCo agents.