The UMCH Sequel… part 1?

As I work on the UMCH Sequel I am quickly starting to realize that even the the smaller vision I had for the game seems unlikely. This conclusion is drawn from some warning signs I am seeing with tyranobuilder, such as taking a really long time to load and save. There are also multiple files and characters here unlike the The Rookie and Sentoryu. I don’t want to find myself at a point where it crashes when trying to save or compile. I know for sure tyranobuilder can do this from reading the discussion boards about it on steam.

Already from one quest the game is larger than Umichan Sentoryu, the final version will be larger than the Rookie for sure also.

Also I recently went back and played UMCH, and currently it’s just no way I’ll realistically be able to make something that fluid and packed with all those different minigames and stuff in tyranobuilder. Which got me started trying again to recreate some of those systems from UMCH in Construct2 that I had trouble with.

With all that in mind I will be making the Sequel or at least the first part of it about Maiko’s introduction to the Academy, the story with getting materials for Percival, and the Paul Zytra storyline. Instead of UMCH Sequel I’ll likely be calling it Umichan High Stakes or similar since different aspects of the game revolves around taking a gamble. The rest of the game will be sprinkled with easy to attain H scenes across many of the different characters you can find in the game.

I will likely not be adding any additional houses that Maiko can stay at, since again I’m already a bit fearful about the stability of the game. I want to make sure I can add in the the scattered H scenes and still have the game save and build reliably.

I do will want to add missions where, in a similar style to the Yui game, can decide what action to take after learning what happened.

Also while back I made posts that showed some of the teams at the Academy. I might make a game like this for each of those teams. Well The Rookie would already be complete, and this one would cover Maiko’s team.