Senpai = Bad!

As i make my trek to selling on more mainstream platforms like steam with strict rules regarding character that appear to be minors, I’ve been studying why other games have gotten denied and/or banned. Steam takes into account literally everything, not the just the appearance of the character, but how the character acts, how they talk, what they wear and think about, what their affiliation is to other characters, all of it. it’s pretty wild tbh.

But with that in mind I’ve gone back and did an assessment of my own games and they have some very visible issues I can see now that I didn’t take into account earlier.

And no, I’m not about to remake those games.
But they will need editing.

One issue I found was Pattie calling Maiko senpai, I very much expect I would get dinged for this by a person reviewing Umichan Sentoryu looking for little stuff that might give reason to assume a character is a minor. Since “senpai” can be seen as a highschool anime trope. Even though senpai is also use in marital arts and the professional world, that is not the context in the game. I just have to be realistic and expect what they might have issues with.

I was also looking at diction Pattie and Leyah uses like “chu” and “nyan” might cause problems also. because adult speaks like that? It certainly doesn’t work in their favor. They already look pretty young also, especially Leyah when compared to the older sister zytra. So instead of just avoiding things that don’t in their favor. I want to also include things that DO work in their favor.

I talked to ttrop and wilson about this and we decided that the best way to keep Leyah’s personality more or less the same will be to have leyah speaking that way intentionally for some reason. Now if you know the lore, you know there is a reason already. Leyah has a lesser case of Khalei degeneration, however that won’t be known right away in the story(s) or even understood well. So instead that will be changed to leyah having a dream of being a popular idol. So she is constantly practicing talking “cute” so will be natural. So some of her dialogue now will include her saying that she is practicing talking like that, and how she wants to be an idol, etc.

Another issue i found specifically in Umicahn Sentoryu that i definitely wasn’t thinking about was the scene where Alma visits the House (How Carl first meets Alma) because of David’s antics at school.

This whole scene is definitely on high school level. Not college teacher is going to be visiting anyone’s house because of the behavior of a student. They’d just kick them out of class or the school, etc. The parents or student would work that out at the school not the other way around at their house. So I plan the change that scene to one where Alma shows up with some agents and is looking for David to arrest him. And she is not coming as a teacher, but as a enforcer for the law.

I think I will need to remove the David/Dizzy scene also. I think that was all the issues but if I need to remove the pattie and leyah interview scenes for some reason I’ll have several Violet animations to make up for it.

Joey’s sister Violet