January 1, 2024

34 thoughts on “Senpai = Bad!

  1. I assume when you first made the choice to add this stuff into the game, you had a reasons for doing so. I’m all for expanding and growing but at what point does your game stop being what you envisioned and starts becoming another generic steam game? Maybe the Umichan games aren’t meant for steam? I’ll follow regardless but I just don’t want to see this put a handicap on your creativity

    1. Yeah I get that thought process. Well the patreon supprt is unfortunately not high enough to warant not working to get on these patforms. I’m not exactly pulling in Summertime Saga numbers here heh.

      So the only thing i majorly change imo was removing the school and outfits. Anything else has been tweaking things without changing the essence of it much, if at all.

      For example, in the scene where Alma visits the house, she is still looking to put a stop to David, who was still harassing girls.

      I have Leyah still speaking the same, just with a more easy to understand and relatable reason that is better explained.

      Back when I had a normal white collar job, I could make something fully independent from a platform like patron or steam. I didn’t really need to use them. but since this is my income now I need to consider things that will allow me to generate extra income from as many places as possible. And with that capital I can make an make something where I don’t have to worry about it needing to be funded or getting banned.

  2. But… if not senpai, what does Pattie call Maiko? Maiko is her senpai. Pattie calls her by an affectionate nickname. Us dumb-dumb English speakers have no equivalent, so what name can we possibly use!?

    Adults totally speak like that. Have you seen the internet these days? They’re creating a completely new language with made-up words like “woke” and “fleek”. Pattie and Leyah speak normally compared to them. To get around Pattie’s “chu”s, you could just specify that it’s like a sound effect for kissy noises. That’s what she does anyway, right? She’s super affectionate.

    Yay~ David’s getting arrested~ As he SHOULD. And sent to some sort of reformation program. But knowing this world, that’s not likely, is it? Just like Albert getting let off the hook.

    Anyway, Idol Leyah looks super kawaii, Nyan! Will she have multiple cat-ear bands? She should have multiple cat-ear bands. Super cute~

    1. Glad you like the Leyah outfit. Yeah if we make a different outfit she will have headbands to match.

      People like albert getting off is to actually show (rather than just describe) what they can get away with and that is complicated to keep them arrested a long time for anything.

      With Pattie you may not even notice anything for the Chu stuff. As for what she calls Maiko, I’m not sure yet. The only thing that comes to mind as I write this is Charity. It’s what people call Maiko later in the story. But it also depends on the website/platform the game is on. Different things to worry about for different platforms. On some, senpai is prolly not even an issue.

  3. Leyah is looking so Cute! ^o^ <3 Good Luck in your Journey to the Mainstream! 🙂

    Be careful out there too i heard quite a few Stories of Indie Artists who ended up attracting a lot of Flak once they went from Indie into Mainstream… Like Funamusea and Yandere Dev…

    In Yandere Dev's Case people didn't care much about him before he became well known but after becoming Mainstream some folks who Harassed him really crossed the Line doing Stuff that could cause trouble for his Real Life Integrity like Doxxing him and sending Awful things delivered to his Real Life Home for example… Be careful and Best Wishes! 🙂 <3

    1. Many thanks~

      I think Yandere Dev was willing to cut things out to get people to be able to stream that game on twitch and stuff. I’m more trying to figure out how to keep stuff in however best I can. And if not I plan to have it somewhere avaliable.

      Eventually, maybe soon I want to separate my games from my patreon and have my patreon perhaps more for stuff I couldn’t put in a game because of X reason, and bonus stand alone and alternate stuff.

      I talked about this on my patron but I dont think I made a post a out it here yet. I’ll probably need to do that soon.

      1. Yandere Simulator has the key advantage of not being a sex game. Censoring a few naked girls isn’t going to compromise that game’s overall vision.

        Pretty sure you don’t have that luxury.

        In typical Western platform fashion, Steam is perfectly fine with blood, gore, and violent murder, but the second a tiddy appears, the moral puritans riot.

  4. Well time to drop the patreon then, I enjoyed your games more when they were passion projects, they may not have been as structually sound, but they were much more fun to play.
    Cant blame you for trying to make a living out of something you enjoy, but it has warped the original feel of your games so much by now that I dont enjoy them anymore

        1. I’m just gonna jump in on this post to speak my piece.

          I have seen several, probably more than a dozen now, initially good hentai games become short, soulless, and “safe” due to switching over to Steam. I sincerely don’t want that to happen to you.

          Why not try looking into Nutaku? They don’t really give a fuck over there, and they’re really the place you want to go to sell hentai games.

          1. Yeah Nutaktu, itch.io etc are the first places I will try. In fact I already have itch.io buttons in the VN games now as place to purchase. I will add nutaku ones also when I get a page set up.

            As far as nutaku being the pace to go. They still have quite a ways to go compared to steam based on data I’ve seen. In fact every other place combined still falls pretty short. But it might be enough for me. The goal is not truly to get to steam speficially, just to get the income I need from making hentai games so I can not only keep doing this, but be able to hire people to do stuff so I won’t be doing so much of it myself.

            Maybe the 3D Arielle game will be good enough to carry everything else and I won’t need to mess with the 2D stuff at all. You know I’ve been making games for a minute now and I do have my limits when it come to changing stuff. Nothing I make is going to be soulless. There a few games like Daughter of Eve and Umichan Sorani that should work as they are currently. I could just have anything planned for steam based around that if I need to. Like what Ohsoyu mentioned earlier, a certain game just might not work, and if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work. I don’t plan to shorehorn stuff into steam.

          2. For whatever reason I can only reply to myself, so I guess that’s what I’ll do.

            Another thing I thought of last night after I posted this comment was the idea of patches. Steam might not be okay with the school setting, but you could always post a patch to add it back in. Lots of games do that (Mostly ones involving incest) That way you could have a perfectly functional Steam game, but still have a patch available for those of us who like your games the way they are.

    1. Thanks for any support you have given so far. Ironically I’m trying for steam, so I can make a passion project, because the patreon support is too low to do that currently.

  5. I support the patches Idea, but ill follow you regardless of your decision, its your game and you Know best. I can only hope that the incest content wont be affected…

    Btw, Leyah outfit looks great!!! Hope to have a scene of her in this, also looking forward to Joey’s Sisters scenes!

    Have a nice day! 🙂

    1. Many thanks, yeah I’ll sort it out and it should be fine. There’s just no instruction booklet on this, so I have to kinda feel my way through it and bump into a few things along the way.

  6. Wait i dont get it steam allows nsfw games (Nekopara/Anything in the Sakura franchise/Huniepop)
    and thads nsfw games with the r-18 content removed and added in via patch with only sexual undertones what about mainstream games like the witcher and they give you crap for this? Btw nice art and any update on the whol flashplayer situation or whatever it was?

    1. From what I understand, Vortex doesn’t want to do an external patch unless he has absolutely no other choice. It also should be noted that Steam has relaxed their policy on NSFW games fairly recently (it IS now possible to get a NSFW game out without needing a patch), but unfortunately, still has no tolerance for anything involving underage characters. (And with all the moral puritans out there, and how snippy they can get, that pretty much includes characters who can even be INTERPRETED as underage.)

    2. Sakura franchise has mostly yuri sex scenes, which seems to be fine to have characters in the “grey area” from what I can tell. It is not viewed the same way as sex between male and female. Nekopara uses patches and the distributor can somehow get away with some of characters barely looking above 9. Hunipop uses patches also. I’m not the biggest fan of patches. I’d just rather have two different games. For example the current Umichan Sentoryu. Might be Umichan something else on a platform if I’ve made significant changes to get it there. Don’t quote me on that, but it’s my current thinking at the moment.

      In the witcher the sex is only a small portion of the game, and completely skippable. But yeah, money talks.

      The flashplayer situation is something i’ll have to figure out later in the year I guess.

  7. I actually never liked the various senpaichankunsama and the other weeb language. Good riddance for me. I’m much more displeased about the school setting, and the shotaloli characters.
    The price of going mainsteam…

    1. I don’t view steam as going mainstream like a few have mentioned here. I’d view console and the sfw side of steam as mainstream. This is more the price of doing this for a living if your game has a school setting in it. A lot of games don’t have to worry about this because they never had one. But once I earn the righting amount of income from something, I can make whatever i want without it needing to be crowdfunded.

    1. Just not posting new posts currently. as you can see from “recent comments” on the homepage i reply to comments like this one.

      it takes a lot of time to make a post and monitor them regularly for comments, and comments usually require me to think about how i want to word something, etc. Even though there is a lot to post about, I don’t make new posts if I feel i wont be able to reply to comments efficiently. And I’ve been on a grind for the past 2 months. on top of suddenly a lot going on in the world this month that i need to stay on top of as well.

  8. I had a slightly weird dream which I could see a possible release date of the game and the possible cover of the game I had a slightly weird dream which I could see a possible release date of the game and the possible cover of the game but repeat was just a dream

    1. it’s probably best to type in your native language if you think i might not understand your English. Just make sure you spell everything correctly.

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